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  • ExtensionExample How to extend Adempiere - a practical example of adding "Interest Free Credit" payment method
  • Product Ticket How to create product tickets that include price and bar code that can be scanned.

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1. What is or what mean "callout"? See also Callout

Callout is java method which is executed when field in Adempiere window is modified. A callout class (extend CalloutEngine) groups different methods that are called when the column is changed using the UI. For a column (see AD_Column.Callout database column and Table and Column tab), you may specify a list of fully qualified methods (separated by ";").

2. Where are the methods called when i click the buttons in the window (example. "Save record" or "Delete record")?

See client/Src/org.compiere.apps.APanel class.

3. Where are the methods called when i start a process (example: Synchronize Terminology)?

Processes are described in AD (Application Dictionary). This Processes can be java classes or database procedures. A process (see AD_Process table and Report & Process window) can be implemented in 3 ways:

  • bind to a database procedure
  • bind to a database class (extends SvrProcess [implements ClientProcess])
  • using both

For Synchronize Terminology, see the AD_Synchronize sql procedure.

For this, take a look at AD_Process table.

4. In dbPort/scr/../../model /** Generated Model - DO NOT CHANGE */; how generates it? (example: X_AD_****.java)

You need to start dbPort/src/org.compiere.util.GenerateModel class. In dbPort project developer can find Eclipse launch file which start this class. Please check proper setting. For naming conventions, see Table_Prefix.

5. Where are the methods called when i click on menu's node? That one how generate windows and form?

That's a long story... see GridWindow[PO], GridTab[PO], GridField[PO], GridController classes.

6. Where i can find an example of code for calling stored procedures and functions? Login as System Admin in Adempiere, open window Report & Process.

Since the Adempiere core is implemented using Adempiere's Application Dictionary (see AD_* tables) any functionality from Adempiere could be an example that you will be able to reproduce, so take a look at the already created processes (see AD_Process table, or Report and Process window).

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