How to create a WebStore

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Web Store

  • Log onto ADempiere with Admin Role
  • Go to the Web Store window and create New Record

Webstore window.JPG

For the purpose of our exercise, we will modify the following:

  • URL – valid FQDN i.e.
  • Web Context – context root to web store i.e. /newstore
  • Stylesheet – aesthetics of the web store can be changed by modifying the specified file in Cascade Style Sheet (CSS) format
  • Price List – the range of products available to the webstore is restricted by the Price List and whether or not the product is
  • Web Parameter 1 – Site Logo i.e. Adempiere120x60.gif
  • Web Parameter 2 – heading on content page
  • Web Parameter 3 – HTML code to customize the vertical side bar
  • Web Parameter 4/5/6 - HTML code for footers
  • Click on the Record Info button on the bottom right of the window. Make a note of the W_Store_ID as you will need it later to complete the setup.

Webstore RecordID.JPG

Application Server

  • Shutdown the Application Server

WebStore Template

The WebStore template is stored under the archive file $ADEMPIERE_HOME/lib/adempiereWebStore.war. AdempiereWebStore war.jpg

Creating the WebStore WAR files

  • Rename the directory adempiere.ear under the path $ADEMPIERE_HOME\jboss\server\adempiere\deploy otherwise that can be overwritten during RUN_setup
  • Run the silent setup (RUN_silentsetup) to create WAR file for the New Web Store
  • Rename the newly created EAR directory from adempiere.ear to something like adempiereNEWSTORE.ear
  • Modify the new web context in file .\adempiereNEWSTORE\META-INF\application.xml
  • Modify the web store ID in the file .\adempiereNEWSTORE.ear\adempiereWebStore.war\WEB-INF\web.xml to point to ID# 1000000 (in this example only)

Application Server

  • Run Adempiere Server
Notice difference in Price List and company logo 
  • Standard Adempiere Web Store

Webstore Gardenworld.jpg

  • New Web Store

Webstore NewStore.jpg

Product Images

  • Product images are definable from the Image URL field on Product window