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In production use




Currently , ADempiere Business Suite does not possess the important features that are very necessary to support the Warehouse Management processs. As such , the intention of this project is start with the development to implement the feature set required for this business process. With each passing day ADempiere is being implemented by an increasing number companies throughout world in a wide variety of industries – many of which have Warehouse Management System (WMS) requirements. As such , is important to create new functionality within the ADempiere business suite to support warehouse management process. If new features are developed to support Warehouse Management process,

we can provide the following benefits :

  • Improved Warehouse Productivity
  • Improved the Warehouse Inbound an d Outbound operation
  • Improve Space Utilization
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reduced Inventory Cost

The current Status the Libero WMS are working for outbound process, so you can generate Outbound Order based on Outbound Definition, the Outbound definition allows define the Warehouse Strategy that will use to create a Outbound Order based on the product data as (Category, Classification , etc ) , Business Partner data, Warehouse Areas Type and Section type) and a Warehouse Strategy that indicate the way the as the material are will be picking. So the Libero WMS is ideal for the company that need define a complex logic to picking the material, for example picking all the product that need be shipment for delivery route (Based on the Postal Code, Shipper,Promised date, Priority , FIFO Delivery Strategy, etc).




Design Considerations



This contribution depends on the functionality of Smart Browser


  • The functionality of this pending inbound and put away
  • Is necessary to integrate the latest changes implemented for the express receptions
  • Is necessary to integrate the latest changes implemented to manage transactions using bar codes for products, lot and series, currently the form to barcode only was implemented in ZK


Functional Requirements

Functional team

  • Volunteers for reviewing:
  • Result of Review

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

Screen shot

Acceptance criteria

QA and test cases

Case Use Picking Process

Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Technical team

  • Volunteers for reviewing:
  • Result of Review
    • Migration scripts work (oracle + postgres)
    • all files with license
    • Methods with javadoc
    • serialVersionUID: OK
    • ReportCtl.java and ReportEngine.java have to be merged, as they are from quite a long time ago
    • Model classes (I_*, M* and X_* classes) created according Adempiere standard
    • naming convention of classes, methos, variables: OK
    • works with validator (it is added in SQL to table AD_ModelValidator)
    • works with saveEx()
    • nothing negative observed

Data Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

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