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Resources are non-consumable items, like rentals or services, that are sold by time rather than quantity. There is no workflow for the creation of resources but the process is similar to creating products.

See the following windows:

  • Manufacturing Management{{#if: Engineering Management |  » Engineering Management }}{{#if: Resource Manufacturing |  » Resource Manufacturing }}{{#if:   |  »   }}{{#if: |  »  }}{{#if: Resource Type|Resource Type|ResourceType }} Window - Maintain Resource types and their principal availability. It is used to calculate the available time in a resource. It allows input of starting time and end time for the slot according to the working days. The UOM can be set here. If using something other than the default UOM, you will need to create the UOM and its conversions. See Schedule Info and the Resource Assignment Dialog for examples how these are used. You also set the default product category and tax category which were setup during the Product Setup workflow.
  • Partner Relations{{#if: Service |  » Service }}{{#if: |  »  }}{{#if:   |  »   }}{{#if: |  »  }}{{#if: |{{{2}}}|Resource }} Window - The Resource window defines the resource. The product for the resource is automatically created and synchronized from this window. You can update the Name, Unit of Measure, etc. in the Resource Window rather than the Product Window. Subordinate tabs allow you to define periods where the resource in unavailable, set the price and accounting for the resource and view any assignments.

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