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Feature Status Developer Sponsor
Emails to Requests
RMA in Trunk
Alternate Resource Scheduling of Manufacturing Order Workflow Nodes
Finite Capacity Non-preemptive Scheduling


Non-generic and unavailable sponsored developments

Transportation and Logistics (air and ground)

  • used by the top 3 shippers in the world - project by Global Era
    • highly specific to client needs. Acts as config sample. Not suited for general client. Please approach Global Era for advice.
  • US Import and Export Global Era is focused on domestic transportation. This project is focused on import/export and the corresponding US government EDI and paperwork.
  • Royalty Contracts Maintain Contract table and associated products. Compute and post royalty payments based on sales quantity and/or total. Payments are distributed to one or more vendors.


  • A proposal by Hayder for integration with multiple smart applications