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In the ADempiere Menu Tree, clicking on or activating any item that has the Window icon (Icon mWindow.png) will open a window that will display data in a table.

Most windows are organized the same way in ADempiere. At the top of the window is a tool bar of icons that are common across all Windows. The main panel shows a form with tabs on the left. The tabs represent sets of hierarchical data: parent and child records if you will. Each subordinate tab will show records related to the record currently selected/viewed in the parent tab.

Moving between records and switching between tabs allows you to go through huge amounts of data without having to backtrack as much. When you move between records or tabs, whatever data you have entered is automatically saved. In each tab, the data can be displayed as a spreadsheet where you can see many records at once or as a form showing one record at a time.


The details of the various toolbar icons follow:

Icon Function Description
Icon Undo24.png Undo Reverts any changes made to the record since the last save. Enabled if there are changes to be saved.
Icon Help24.png Help Opens a help dialog where the field descriptions and help text are displayed.
New24.png New Creates a new record. Fields colored red are mandatory. They turn blue once data has been entered.
Icon Delete24.png Delete Deletes the current record.
Icon DeleteSelection24.gif Delete Selection Opens a dialog Listing all the records in the current tab. You can select all or a subset of these for deletion. It is helpful to use the Search function to limit the number of records.
Icon Save24.png Save Saves any changes to the current record. Saves are made automatically any time you move from record to record, tab to tab or close the window.
Icon Refresh24.png Requery Requery the records. If a Lookup has been applied the search criteria will be still be active. Requery is useful if another process or user has added or changed the information in the table since the window was opened.
Icon Find24.png Lookup Lookup records in the current tab. There is a basic search based on common fields and an advanced search where complex queries can be developed. See Lookup functionality for more information.
Icon Attachment24.png Attachment Every record can have a file and/or notes added to it. See Attachment for more info.
Icon Chat24.png Chat Chat allows users to keep a series of timestamped notes on the current record.
Icon Multi24.png Multi View A toggle to switch from form view to a multi-record spreadsheet style view.
Icon MultiX24.png Form View A toggle to switch from the multi-record view to a single-record view.
Icon History24.png History Show the history for the selected record.
Icon Home24.png Home Brings the main window to the front of the desktop. Useful for people with messy desks.
Icon Parent24.png Parent Record Move up to or towards the parent tab of the current tab. Doesn't jump tabs.
Icon Detail24.png Detail Record Move down to the next tab.
Icon First24.png First Record Move to the first record in the current tab.
Icon Previous24.png Previous Record Move to the previous record in the current tab.
Icon Next24.png Next Record Move to the next record in the current tab.
Icon Last24.png Last Record Move to the Last record in the current tab.
Report24.png Report Create a report based on the current record.
Icon Archive24.png Archive View archived reports or documents for the current record. See Archived Documents for more information.
Icon PrintPreview24.png Print Preview Preview the defined print layout. See Printing and Print Preview for more information.
Icon Print24.png Print Print the defined print layout. See Printing and Print Preview for more information.
Icon ZoomAcross24.png Zoom Across Zoom to related records in other tables. For example, zoom to payments from invoices. See Zoom Across for more information.
Icon WorkFlow24.png Workflow Opens the {{#if: Workflow Process|Workflow Process|WorkflowProcess }} Window. See Workflow for more information.
Icon Request24.png Check Requests Check or create Requests for service. See Request for more information.
Icon Product24.png Product Info Open the Product Info page where information concerning a product's pricing and availability can be displayed. See Product Info for more information.
Icon Cancel24.png Exit Close the current window. The window's state is saved and if the window is reopened in the same session, the record and tab last viewed will be displayed.