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ADempiere Accounting & Reporting

Talk session given by Michael Judd of Jaztek Services

Mike walks the Accounting talk


Michael Judd is an Australian-born CPA and he is also a fellow of the Association of International Accountants.


Accounting Requirements

  • Financial Controls
  • Management Reporting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Statutory & Regulatory Reporting

Financial Controls

  • Management of controls
    • Business Process
    • Control of Documents
    • Authorization, Escalation & Levels
    • Security & Authentication
  • Increasing regulatory intervention e.g. US - Sarbanes Oxley Act

Management Reporting

  • Organization Shape Reporting
  • Costing Methodologies
    • ABC, Throughput Accounting, Standard Costing
  • Operational Performance Measures
  • Ad-hoc management reports => BI
  • Triple Bottom Line
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

Financial Reporting

  • 'Italian/French' vs 'Anglo-Saxon' Accounting
  • Accounting Standards - IFRS/IAS, US GAAP, IntraStat
  • General Purpose Accounts
  • EU Schedule 7 - COA
  • Specific Standards e.g. extractive industries, hyper-inflationary economies, business combinations, foreign currency transactions

Statutory & Regulatory Reporting

  • Infectious effect of regulation
    • FSA - insurance
    • Basel II - banking
  • Social/Employer Reporting
  • Tax & VAT

Development Priorities

  • Expectations of our target market
  • Review of features/enhancements
  • Prioritisation

White board notes

  • VAT/IntraStat - Hot
  • Costing - Hot
  • Reporting/Tracing Journals - Hot

  • Cost center - Warm
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting - Warm
  • Budgetting - Warm
  • Forecasting - Warm
  • Multi Accounting schemas - Warm

  • Accounting standards - Cold
  • Triple Bottom Line - Cold

  • Custom exports/imports - Future

ADempiere Next Generation

Can someone get me a coke?

Workshop session facilitated by Timo Kontro building the mind map of ADempiere Next Generation, with Mike Judd assisting on the Mind Map. Basically asks the questions: What is wrong with it? What do you want to see next?. This is useful to brainstorm everything on a single map.

(Please see Mind Map link)

Presentation ADempiere at LinuxTag

Norbert gives an ADempiere demo at LinuxTag

Talk session given by Norbert Wessel from metas consult GmbH

Short introduction of how adempiere was forked. And welcoming the people from the conference. Followed by a short demo using our Adempiere Virtual Appliance.

Features of ADempiere

  • Quote-to-Cash
  • Requisition-to-Pay
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Partner Relations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Performance Analysis
  • Web Store


Red1 drops by to say hello


  • Why is it called the "ADempiere Bazaar"
  • "The Cathedral and the bazaar" from Eric Raymond (RMS)
    • Cathedral
    • Bazaar
  • Reasons of the fork
  • ADempiere Community consists of
    • Major members of the old compiere community
    • Compiere partners heading to ADempiere
    • Newbies
    • Other Compiere forks
    • New ADempiere contributors (e.g. Metas)

ADempiere - most active OS ERP Project

  • Most active project in Sourceforge in Q1-Q2 2007
  • Why is project activity so important
    • Better free support
    • More frequent updates

Redhuan D. Oon about the bazaar

  • Firstly i said that i am from 16 hrs away - Malaysia. And the great thing about the web is that we are all 0 hr away from everyone. And that to form a marvelous bazaar today is so much simpler to get the best people around the globe who just have web access to be in the same room. Since this is proven i would not go into it.
  • ADempiere is not like Linux in the sense it comprises of 3 groups of members.
    • Technical
    • IT Business
    • End-Users
  • So i introduced such from those of us from the conference to the audience.
  • During Q&A, questions about:
    • How is CRM in ADempiere. (I answered by touching on Cli-CE Project)
    • Team newbie participation (answer: we practice meritocracy)
    • German Localisation
    • DB Independence

Final discussion at LinuxTag

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