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Photos of Day 1

Photos from Everyone

Adempiere Conference Day 1

Timo chuckles, closely watched by Teo (left)
Goanookie updates the wiki in realtime

Short introduction of everybody present on the conference, including companies implementing adempiere.

When being asked what does Posterita expects from this conference, Alexander Tsang replied that Posterita would like Adempiere Bazaar to set up the right framework, the right value exchange mechanisms to reconciliate all the different individualistic and selfish goals towards a single objective. This should allow all the stakeholders along the value chain to benefit and even entice more contributors to the Adempiere Bazaar.

Idalica is a business consulting company (well known to adempiere council), adempiere is critical for Idalica, more then half of the customers depends on adempiere. Recently, Idalica has been implementing Adempiere implementation at a rhythm of one each month (new clients).

Italian company, implementing adempiere in Italy.

German company, which was watching compiere but like a lot of people they had a problem with the closed nature of compiere, they switch to adempiere because it was more open.

Compiere was a problem, and most are happy that adempiere exists.

Generally speaking a lot of companies were unhappy with compiere, and that could explain why adempiere know such a high uptake.

Some funny remarks from Timo, regarding the code, duck tape and trolls.

Metas Consult, see the community feels like coming home.

Carlos Ruiz did had some visa problems, which explain why he isn't here.

Some details regarding lunch, barbecue (at Kai's place).

10 minute break

Libero E-evolution

Manufacturing Libero - E-evolution (Victor Perez - translation by Mario Calderon) There was a gap in manufacturing software in south-America which is why they developed libero on top of adempiere/compiere. Manufacturing with material requirements based on bill of materials. Material requirement planning build using existing modules of adempiere, workflows for actionlist (preconfigured steps). Overview of how libero plugs into adempiere.

Demo of libero Bill of materials is not the BOM of adempiere, but rather a new and better BOM suited for manufacturing.

Multiple Projects

Java Open Business / Jikibloom

Is an Italian company which support and uses open source software for SME companies. Is being sponsored by Sun Microsystems. Jikibloom integrates a number of opensource projects, compiere being one of them. They also translated many projects so that they are suitable for use in Italy, including VAT (required in the EU). Jikibloom is compiere, SugarCM, Pentaho, Zimbra, Asterik, Hylafax, OpenOffice, Jboss, PostgreSQL, ... They want to integrate adempiere into this suite also. Downside of their approach are the various licences.


Jordi says it is green

Speaking for Openbravo is Jordi Mas from Spain. Openbravo is yet another fork of compiere, although they follow a web based approach. Fork of 2003 mostly because of Compiere weakness in the web based layer. Openbravo got funded in 2005, and now they are some 70 people working for Openbravo. Openbravo does use a modified version of the MPL based license (like compiere). This also allows Openbravo to put some restrictions as to the usage of logo and name. A Demo of openbravo is available on the big big internet. In september they will start developing Openbravo Green. To achieve this goal Openbravo has published an API, the main reason to do this is to open up their development process, looks like they inherited some policy from compiere also, but Jord Mas been a Gnome project member before is there to advice the way to go. Openbravo Green is a complete rewrite of the application, however still using the same Application Dictionary (AD data-model).


Implementation in Financial Company

Trifon Trifonov monthly pdf report

Talk session given by Trifon, he has implemented adempiere in a financial company, by using adempiere as a framework on which he builds new functional/financial modules. The company didn't have an ERP system, they were mostly compiling reports with Excel, one report took 3-4 hours to complete. The company did had very specific requirements for their reports, like the statement of accounts which is an overview of all transactions made on that account.

Trifon has modified the Payment window of adempiere to fulfill the requirements, and also hide some tabs of the window.

Why contributors are priceless

Talk session given by Redhuan D. Oon (Red1), first some general information about Redhuan and his background as a COBOL programmer. After a quick detour in html, Redhuan learned right java by looking at the source code of compiere. Upon his first bugfix which he sent to Jorg Janke of Compiere, he received an answer from JJ some six months later. He also wrote a few starter tutorials for compiere. When he couldn't upload those tutorials to sourceforge, he booked to publish those tutorials.

How did Redhuan get so famous?

Lead people trough his journey, where the destination doesn't matter. This journey involves companionship and conversations. Both lead to more traffic and momentum, we don't stop people to ask for money, let them trough first.

How do you get paid?

Information is free, people are not and contributors are priceless. Break off a small piece and ask for the mobs fee. Hook up with big brother for big projects, our big blue ocean is infinite and perpetual, where contributors always will have the upper hand. Don't be greedy because it can spoil your karma. Don't close up when you reach the top, and if you fail, giving away wouldn't make it worse. If you don't get paid now, you will be paid later.

Many recipes

Give to the project what you have or be gone. Another way of saying release early and release often, also a famous sentence by Linus Torvalds. Place your trap where the mammoths ply. Use Sourceforge posts for conversations, in order to gain feedback from the community. Upload files, patches and contributions to Sourceforge/Wiki. Post links to your online work. Build up your profile on your wiki user page. Keep building on your wikiversity/blogs. Build your presence from the word 'go'. Minimal effort, maximum impact.

Red1 undergoes culture therapy


  • Compilo - 2Pack, they started the project and left it for the world.
  • Piero Berritta - Maker of the adempiere video's
  • Jeff Davis - A very good mentioning of adempiere on his blog.
  • Posterita - They just use the bazaar as a playground
  • Schaeffer - For hosting this conference.
  • Openbravo - Just settle an argument with the bazaar
  • C. Lameiro - Just pick a fight with the bazaar
  • Bahman - Just hang around the IRC room

Anything you do with the bazaar makes you famous.


  • If you do not give, someone else will.
  • Say it in the open and let it lead somewhere;
  • Make lots of mistakes, just do not repeat then.
  • Read Steven Covey and practice the 7 habits.
  • Act dumb, survival of the smartest.
  • Kick the biggest butt, make it worth your while.
  • The leader keeps out of the way, it is the peers who are leading.
  • Drink Pure Spring Water, It is the real thing.

HR & Payroll

Talk session given by E-evolution (Victor Perez - translated by Mario Calderon). HR & Payroll are extensions to the current adempiere core, extensions made available with 2pack.

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