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Warehouse management can be very complex, but to describe it in short terms it aims to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse.

A system that does this is called a WMS or Warehouse Management System.

Currently Adempiere is not a full featured WMS since it lacks features such as:

  1. Allocation of material to specific customers. Currently Adempiere ships orders as soon as they fulfill the delivery rule criteria of the order, not considering if there are other earlier but not fulfilled orders that should have had the items shipped. Orders can be starved. I call this Delivery Policy and the current Delivery Policy is "No Hold" meaning that no items are held for a specific customer and orders are shipped as soon as they are fulfilled.
  2. Negative stock is possible.
  3. No support for Zones or rule based putaway and picking/allocation.
  4. No support for grouping outbound shipments by country, shipper etc.

WMS in Compiere

Compiere have developed a Warehouse Management System module that extends the default behaviour of Compiere. The default behaviour is the same as Adempiere's.

The catch with Compiere's WMS is that you have to pay for it.

Current list price is minimum 7500 USD / year for the Compiere Professional Edition and an additional 7500 USD / year for each warehouse. So, the minimum price for just the licences are 15000 USD/year.

WMS in Adempiere

As stated previously in the article, standard Adempiere does currently not come with WMS.

Libero Warehouse Management

Libero, a prominent contributor to Adempiere, have developed a WMS for Adempiere. To read more about it see below link:

Some reasons why a contribution is not included in the standard release can be:

  • It changes the behaviour of Adempiere so it's not backwards compatible with existing installations.
   Libero WMS do not break backwards compatible, but need use the [Smart Browser] extension.
   Victor Pérez
  • It might not be tested for all scenarios.
    Libero WMS currently support outbound operation based in FIFO or LIFO strategy, but the infraestructura are ready to create any other strategy. 
    Victor Pérez

  • The contributor might not have had time to make it compliant.
   Currently, The community  have not  clear rules to include a contribution into  the standard version so that the current strategy is release as extension, I hope now the CC Team and the community can define this rules.
   Victor Pérez
  • I do not know the status of the Libero WMS.
   The current Status the Libero WMS are working for outbound process, so you can generate Outbound Order based on Outbound Definition, 
   the Outbound definition allows define the Warehouse Strategy that will use to create a Outbound Order based on the product data as (Category, Classification , etc ) ,      
   Business Partner data, Warehouse Areas Type and  Section type) and a Warehouse Strategy that indicate the way the as the material are will be picking.
   So the Libero WMS is ideal for the company that need define a complex logic to picking the material, for example picking all the product that need be shipment
   for delivery route (Based on the Postal Code, Shipper,Promised date, Priority , FIFO Delivery Strategy, etc).
   Victor Pérez