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There is a lot of information on Finding all the right information can be hard...


There are a number of good installation guides on this site. todo add links.

Starting the client

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Initial setup

Login as SuperUser password System Change the master password. System Admin>General Rules>Security>User.

Create the client. see (links here)

Review the units of measure (Material Management>Material Management Rules) and add those necessary for your installation.

Data import


General Concepts

Many of the screens in Adempiere follow the same concept; there is a root record e.g. Business Partner and child records e.g. Location. There can be many child records for each parent record.

Clicking on a menu item will open a new window. At the top of this window are a number of buttons. The most important ones are:

Undo Changes Reverts to the origial data or removes a new, unsaved, record
New Record Creates a new document
Delete Record Deletes a record
Save Changes
Grid Toggle Switches between a detail view of one record and a grid (spreadsheet) view of a number of records

Create a record

If you are in grid view, press Grid Toggle to switch to record view Click on New Record Enter the required data. The fields that must be filled in are highlighted in pink. Click on Save Record

Create a child record

Select the parent record and then click on the tab for the required child record. If neccessary you can switch to grid view to see the existing records. Add the new records as above.

Business Partners

A business partner is any person or organisation that interacts with the business. The basic records are Business Partner, Location, Contact

To enter a business partner, go to: Partner Relations > Business Partner Rules > Business Partner

Business Partner

Minimum information:

Organisation: This is pre-set to your organisation, set this to * for company wide partners.
Name: The name of the business partner.
Search key: This is similar to the 'account reference' used in other software. It can be set to an easy to remember value (which must be unique). If left empty, it will be set to a number starting from 1000000.


This stores the address(es) for the business partner. To view the current locations for a business partner, select the business partner in the Business partner tab and then select the Location tab


This stores the person or functional contacts (e.g. sales)