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We thank and welcome you all to this ERP Bazaar! - Red1 18:29, 14 November 2006 (EST)


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Functional/ Technical Team Concept Suggestion

As starting point to be discussed for further/ future usage.


User, Date Status Description Points
Mo 11:15, 30. Jul. 2009 (CEST) In Development ... Further Information ...
Mo 11:42, 12. Jul. 2010 (CEST) Technical Team: Approval ... Further Information ...
Mo 14:46, 23. Nov. 2010 (CET) Functional Team: Approval ... Further Information ...
Ts 18:55, 26. Nov. 2010 (CET) Other Status ... ... Further Information ...


Sponsoring: <contributor name(s)>

Concept: <contributor name(s)>

Implementation: <contributor name(s)>

Testing: <contributor name(s)>

Documentation: <contributor name(s)>


Short description

Detailed functional description

Acceptance criteria

Documentation - technical

Development infrastructure

Table with standard info that is required for documentation and task handover:

Name User, Date (Signature) Description

Stab-SCM (URL)



Explanation of table:

  • Name: Name of information item
    • Devel-SCM: URL of SCM repository location where the devolopment is done (SCM="source code management")
    • Stab-SCM: URL of SCM repository into which developed work is merged for stabilization
    • SQL-Skripts: List of URLs to migration Skripts (inside SCM) that are applied to a DB for rollout
    • Community: List of URLs to BFs and FRs that came up development
  • User/Date: Signature (~~~~) of the person who last edited the row
  • Description: Value, Comment, Description or List of URLs depending on "Name".

Detailed technical description


QA and test cases


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