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'"Information is free" - but you have to be able to find it.'

Information on ADempiere is available in a number of places. If you can't find what you are looking for in this wiki or the following sources, feel free to request help in the Sourceforge Help forum.

Other Wikis


Sourceforge is used by the development community to maintain the software and discuss software development issues. There are a number of forums established where community members have discussed topics and shared knowledge. It is a rich source of information which should be consulted if the wiki does not have the information you are looking for.

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Recommendation, bookmark all those links in a firefox folder, and when looking for an issue use the firefox tool "Open all in tabs".


red1 writes about the community's work. Get from or with the Leader's autograph.
Available on By Bayu Cahya
Purchase at Packt UK. Highlights: Integration to many apps such as Mondrian, Email, PayPal, Web Services, VirtueMart, ActiveMQ, JasperReports and Equifax. Some review here
Papers on IBM porting. Download them [1].[2]. Also works on GlassFish Apps Server.