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Figure 3 - PrintFormat engine assist in configuring reports easily

Introduction to ADempiere Reports

ADempiere has a very robust and flexible reporting framework. It allows you to create canned financial reports, Business Intelligence reports, OLTP based reports and ad-hoc reports on the fly. The format for reports can also be configured. The format can be flexible enough such that you can configure the format outside ADempiere and import into ADempiere .

ADempiere can also integrate Jasper Report and Crystal Report for extending reporting with third party tools.

Reporting Feature

Jasper Report & iReport

  • This document describes how to integrate JasperReport into your Adempiere application [1]

Reports On the fly

See an example scenario for building reports on the fly here.

Reporting on the fly without a single line of coding needed!


You can go to more specific information with drill-down feature after running a report.

Sending e-mails

You can send a copy of the report in specified format to desired email address(es).

Archiving Reports

Reporting Engine

Reports Views

Customizing Reports

Creating new templates

Financial Reports

Adempiere has canned financial reports. Please refer financial reports for more details.

Report Printing

Print Formats

See the functionality Printing and Print Preview.

There are a lot of templates available to use for print formats.

Print Preview

See Also