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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.

Thought this needed its own section for elaboration: Here is the section in the ManPageW_WindowTabField (Scroll down to tab)

Described there as:

Logic to determine if field is read only (applies only when field is read-write)

  • Q: What field? ... The tab is linked to an entire table. Seems to grey out areas of the toolbar when the logic is true but the record can still be saved.

format := {expression} [{logic} {expression}]

expression := @{context}@{operand}{value} or @{context}@{operand}{value}

logic := {|}|{&}

context := any global or window context

value := strings or numbers

logic operators := AND or OR with the previous result from left to right

operand := eq{=}, gt{>}, le{<}, not{~^!}

  • Examples:
    • @AD_Table_ID@=14 | @Language@!GERGER
    • @PriceLimit@>10 | @PriceList@>@PriceActual@
    • @Name@>J
    • Strings may be in single quotes (optional)