Manual Installation From Trunk

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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.


  • JDK1.5.x - NOTE JDK 1.6 won't compile current trunk (2008-02-18) NOTE current trunk actually compiles only with JDK 6 :) (2008-09-17)
  • JAVA_HOME variables declared
  • One of the supported database
    • Oracle 10g
    • Oracle XE
    • Postgresql 8.1 and above
  • SVN client


  • Create a folder to hold the source code, for e.g, adempiere-source
  • Check out source from trunk into the folder created in previous step
  • cd into the trunk/utils_dev folder created by the checkout command
  • Create from
  • Edit to suit your environment
  • At trunk/utils_dev, execute RUN_build.bat for Windows or for Linux
  • cd to the local deployment folder created by the build process ( the env.ADEMPIERE_HOME entry in )
  • Execute the setup script RUN_setup.bat for window or for linux
    • You might need to execute chmod +x for linux



  • The setup script have been changed to use the EZCONNECT naming method instead of TNSNAMES. Open your Oracle Net Manager, under profile -> Naming, make sure EZCONNECT is one of the selected methods. Alternatively, verify that the SQLNET.ORA file have the following entries: NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH = (EZCONNECT,TNSNAMES)

migration scripts

If you install from trunk it may be that not all migration scripts are applied to your database. Be cautious! (there is a section about this problem in [Install from Trunk])


There is another article at [Install from Trunk] in the FreiBier Wiki. (User:Tbayen)