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Process: Reset Password

Description : Reset Passwords for User

Help : You can change User Passwords and EMail settings. You do not need to know/enter the password, if you are an Administrator.

Class Name: org.compiere.process.UserPassword

ManPageP ResetPassword.png


Name Description Help Technical Data
User/Contact User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact The User identifies a unique user in the system. This could be an internal user or a business partner contact AD_User_ID


Old Password Old Password is required if you are not a System Administrator OldPassword


New Password Enter the new password - not changed if empty NewPassword


New EMail Address Enter new EMail Address - not changed if empty NewEMail


New EMail User ID Enter new User ID of your internal EMail System - not changed if empty NewEMailUser


New EMail User PW Enter new User Password of your internal EMail System - not changed if empty NewEMailUserPW