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Process: Request EMail Processor

Description :

Help :

Class Name: org.compiere.process.RequestEMailProcessor

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Name Description Help Technical Data
IMAP Host p_IMAPHost


IMAP User p_IMAPUser


IMAP Password p_IMAPPwd


Request Folder p_RequestFolder


Inbox Folder p_InboxFolder


Error Folder p_ErrorFolder


Business Partner Identifies a Business Partner A Business Partner is anyone with whom you transact. This can include Vendor, Customer, Employee or Salesperson C_BPartner_ID


User/Contact User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact The User identifies a unique user in the system. This could be an internal user or a business partner contact AD_User_ID


Role Responsibility Role The Role determines security and access a user who has this Role will have in the System. AD_Role_ID


Sales Representative Sales Representative or Company Agent The Sales Representative indicates the Sales Rep for this Region. Any Sales Rep must be a valid internal user. SalesRep_ID


Request Type Type of request (e.g. Inquiry, Complaint, ..) Request Types are used for processing and categorizing requests. Options are Account Inquiry, Warranty Issue, etc. R_RequestType_ID


User Importance Priority of the issue for the User p_DefaultPriority


Confidentiality Type of Confidentiality p_DefaultConfidentiality



imap User = does not need domain at the end, email user ID works just fine (testing with Zimbra)
inbox = folder in the imap account where ADempiere will poll for new requests (This seems to work only with top level folders - iow at the same level as the inbox)
Request Folder = folder in which the processed requests will be moved on the request is grabbed
Error Folder = ?? Haven't seem anything go in there yet

Misc Observations:

- The request document number does not follow what is configured in the system; the number appears random - perhaps some email ID / Header information?
- Subject of the email gets pasted into Request summary, with the from address
- Body of the email gets pasted into results
- There is a patch (perhaps in trunk now - Nov 2010) that will add any email attachments as attachments to the request