How to Activate Document Approval Workflow

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This tips is useful for electronic approval (paperless) implementation.

What we are going to do is just make a little modification on default workflow. Example :

We want each requisition to go through an approval step before completion, and here are the steps to hack the workflow :

Requisition Window

1. Login as SuperUser and choose System Administration Role.

2. Go to Workflow

3. Select Process_Requisition

Process requisiton.png

Node Tab

4. Go to Node tab

5. Add new node name it : (DocApprove) and choose User choice as the Action at the colum box select "isApprove"

Node approve.png

Transition Tab

6. Save it then move to Transition tab and create new record, fill in next node with (DocComplete)

Transition approve2complete.png

New Transition

7. Save it, and back to Node Tab, select (DocPrepare)

8. There is no modification in node tab for (DocPrepare), but we are going to add a new transition for this node

9. Jump to Transition node again and add new record then fill in next node with (DocApprove)

Transition prepare2Approve.png

10. Make sure line no of the new record is smaller than line no of 1st Transition (DocComplete)

Transition prepare.png


11. Save it and congratulations as you now have got yourself an approval workflow.

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