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In production use


Adaxa Pty Ltd (Paul Bowden)


Provide a means to automatically reconcile GL accounts including those used as clearing accounts in ADempiere such as bank-in-transit, unallocated AP and AR payments, Goods Received but not invoiced, Goods invoiced by not received and AP and AR control accounts.

The functionality works as follows (using AR Control Account as example) Every invoice debited to AR control Account obviously has a C_Invoice_ID. Every Payment allocation that impacts the AR Control Account has a C_AllocationLine which links to a C_Invoice_ID. The system has a process which finds those items which sum to zero and sets a flag to indicate that they are matched.

The system also has a manual matching window so that an invoice can be cleared buy a journal entry (say) even though the system can not detect any relationship between the two items. A new report allows you to select a GL account for a nominated data range and includes all transactions which do not sum to zero within the nominated date range. This function can be used for maintaining reconciliations of any Balance Sheet accounts within the application

The functionality makes use of a new table with the same IDs as the FactAcct table. There are no dependencies or changes to existing Adempiere



Design Considerations




the work done by Adaxa did not include a ZK version of the “GL Reconciliation Manual” form. This work has been done by others (Carlos?) and could be merged in.


Functional Requirements

Functional team

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User roles & profiles

Business process definition

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Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

refer documentation File:HowTo – GL Reconciliation Module.pdf

Acceptance criteria

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Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Technical team

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Victor Perez 12:00AM, 06 July 2013 (UTC)

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Data Requirements

  • Application Dictionary
    • Parameter unnecessary AD_Process_Para - AD_Process_Para_ID=53432
    • Reference Validation unnecessary Reconciliation Type AD_Reference_ID=5337
  • About of Code
    • Not found dependences for org.compiere.process.FactReconciliation where is used?

It is used by the Report & Process "Fact_Reconciliation_Unreconciled accounting facts" to report on unmatched items. --Phib 02:29, 9 July 2013 (UTC)

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Need to include the ZK version of the “GL Reconciliation Manual” form created by other.

The “Rules” could be enhanced .. for instance by looking for Reverse Corrected Items and matching them automatically

There is a bug fix and enhancement contributed by Tony Snook which should be incorporated.

Closed Discussion Items