FT/TT meeting minutes December 5th 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Tobias Schöneberg
    • Participants: Teo Sarca, Michael McKay, Mark Ostermann
    • Temporary partipants: Victor Perez, Mario Calderon
    • Date/ Time: Dec 5th 2011/15h - 17h GMT
  2. Bug triaging
    • Starting workflow where TT members triage bug trackers and come up with a resolution asap
    • TODO: Teo Sarca will write the details in this wiki and set up new tracker groups as required
  3. Angelo: Suggestion for recording the whole Meeting Log in Future (https://sourceforge.net/projects/adempiere/forums/forum/610546/topic/4820095/index/page/5, Post 18)
    • TT/TF adopts the sugestion, log see below
  4. Angelo: Suggestion to have silent participants in Team Meetings (https://sourceforge.net/projects/adempiere/forums/forum/610546/topic/4820095/index/page/5, Post 18)
    • TT/TF adopts the sugestion
  5. Emiliano: Statement from FT/ TT about author erasure
    • Issue of contributor names in SQL files is still open
    • FT/TT agree on following procedure
      1. For the four cases of carlos, and if we manually take something from a remote repo, the original author's name is added to the file
        • TODO: ??? find those four cases and the respective files; Add the author's name
        • Teo 09:31, 6 December 2011 (UTC) I had a short talk with Victor, yesterday night and he said he will do it
      2. For other cases (i.e.) the contirubtion is
        • if uploaded in trackers, the contributor shall set his name in sql scripts
        • if contributor is also commiter, they use their name in the commit
  6. ADempiereIdGenerator.java pluggable (Suggestion from Teo)? Code Quality/ Backward compatibility.
    • TODO: Teo will finish the partial implementation he already posted in the wiki (=>FR), Michael and Victor will need to test it
  7. Brazil localisation (discussion here: https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=28441805 )
  8. MSProject integration proposed by Marcos Vinícius Coutinho da Silva (full discussion here: https://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=28471585 )
    • TODO: Teo will contact Marcos for further details and offer TT's advice&help
  9. Taking stock of current FRs, maybe provide a template-wiki-page for them and ask the FR repsponsible to provide documentation
  10. Next Meeting
    • TODO: ??? setup up a date and agenda for next meeting(s); Decide if we want to have another joint meeting


Following is the meeting log, starting after TT/FT decided to record and publish the whole meeting log in future

[05.12.2011 16:53:49] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok :) next one
[05.12.2011 16:53:52] Teodor Sarca: +1
[05.12.2011 16:53:53] Teodor Sarca: ;)
[05.12.2011 16:54:03] Tobias Schoeneberg: Suggestion to have silent participants in Team Meetings
[05.12.2011 16:54:39] Michael McKay: +1.  No problems wih that.
[05.12.2011 16:54:49] Teodor Sarca: +1 for *silent* participation
[05.12.2011 16:54:51] Victor Perez Juarez: so we should continue using the sf.net tracker system?, or maybe we can migrate to something else easier.
[05.12.2011 16:54:53] Victor Perez Juarez: ?
[05.12.2011 16:55:01] Tobias Schoeneberg: +1 from me, too
[05.12.2011 16:55:10] Mark Ostermann: +1
[05.12.2011 16:55:19] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, next one
[05.12.2011 16:55:36] Tobias Schoeneberg: pls have a look at http://www.adempiere.com/Functional_Team#20111205__.28together_with_Technical_Team.29
[05.12.2011 16:55:37] Mario Calderón: +1
[05.12.2011 16:55:45] Tobias Schoeneberg: is there more to talk about?
[05.12.2011 16:55:56] Tobias Schoeneberg: i mean, about "Emiliano: Statement from FT/ TT about author erasure. What has been answered in Forum already? "
[05.12.2011 16:56:19 | Bearbeitet 16:56:25] Tobias Schoeneberg: or do we agree with mark that it's finished?
[05.12.2011 16:56:40] Mark Ostermann: ... not finished completely
[05.12.2011 16:56:42] Teodor Sarca: i would say that the whole topic deserves a quick discussion.
[05.12.2011 16:56:52] Mark Ostermann: sql scripts stuff still open
[05.12.2011 16:57:03] Teodor Sarca: i mean just to everybody agree what is done and what is not done
[05.12.2011 16:57:10] Teodor Sarca: e.g.
[05.12.2011 16:57:11] Teodor Sarca: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 16:56] Mark Ostermann: 

<<< sql scripts stuff still open
[05.12.2011 16:58:10] Tobias Schoeneberg: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 16:57] Teodor Sarca: 

<<< sql scripts stuff still openok..imho, the person creating the script should put there name to the top. if they don't, it's there problem. wdyt?
[05.12.2011 16:58:45] Teodor Sarca: hmmm, to be very correct, as i understand, the answer is yes and no
[05.12.2011 16:59:12] Teodor Sarca: if the person is uploading them to our mercurial or our trackers, i would say yes, you are right
[05.12.2011 16:59:43] Teodor Sarca: but as i understand (correct me if I am wrong, because now i am not sure) those were taken from an external repository
[05.12.2011 16:59:58] Teodor Sarca: so in that case i would suggest to put the name of the contributor on top of the script
[05.12.2011 17:00:26] Teodor Sarca: i mean, i really don't want to have another painful discussions as we had
[05.12.2011 17:00:31] Michael McKay: What is the important result of this?  What do we want to achieve?
[05.12.2011 17:00:54] Mark Ostermann: a) autom. author in migr. scripts
[05.12.2011 17:01:16 | Bearbeitet 17:02:05] Mark Ostermann: b) -u parameter "with original author" in commit when code is taken from external repository
[05.12.2011 17:01:39] Teodor Sarca: i would suggest to go with a)
[05.12.2011 17:02:22] Teodor Sarca: and in case they are transplanted, automatically we are in case b)
[05.12.2011 17:02:33] Mark Ostermann: yes
[05.12.2011 17:02:40] Michael McKay: I don't think the -u parameter will work unless you are going to restrict commits to single files.  Can we divorce the author of the code from the "clerical" author of the commit?
[05.12.2011 17:02:53] Michael McKay: The importance is the history.  Where did it come from.
[05.12.2011 17:03:15] Mark Ostermann: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 17:02] Teodor Sarca: 

<<< and in case they are transplantedand in cases of FR/ BF patches. or not?
[05.12.2011 17:03:27] Teodor Sarca: IMHO, NOT!
[05.12.2011 17:03:52] Teodor Sarca: i mean, for all manual contributions to repo we shall go with case a)
[05.12.2011 17:04:05] Teodor Sarca: because in most of the cases, i am sorry but I don't care from where it come
[05.12.2011 17:04:17] Teodor Sarca: but who introduced and so shall be asked to fix or somthing....
[05.12.2011 17:04:42] Teodor Sarca: and as far as I see, mercurial is a SCM and not a meritocracy system, sorry :))
[05.12.2011 17:05:31] Teodor Sarca: what i think is important is to have the names of contributors in our release logs
[05.12.2011 17:05:39] Teodor Sarca: that is *important*
[05.12.2011 17:06:18] Michael McKay: Thats what I mean by important history.  The path through a thousand changes is not that relevant.
[05.12.2011 17:08:06] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok do we agree to apply a), but  not b) for now?
[05.12.2011 17:08:36] Tobias Schoeneberg: and if so, what do we do until the "automatic" of a) has been implemented?
[05.12.2011 17:08:59] Tobias Schoeneberg: suggestion: leave it to the SQL-author to add their name manually
[05.12.2011 17:09:11] Teodor Sarca: tobi, i think this is a particular case
[05.12.2011 17:09:38] Teodor Sarca: and i think it would apply only when we take something manually from a remote repository
[05.12.2011 17:09:43] Teodor Sarca: e.g. globalqss case
[05.12.2011 17:09:47] Teodor Sarca: for the rest:
[05.12.2011 17:10:01] Mario Calderón: bye people, I have to leave....
[05.12.2011 17:10:11] Teodor Sarca: * contributor shall set his name in sql scripts if uploaded in trackers
[05.12.2011 17:10:30] Teodor Sarca: * if contrbutor is also commiter, we has the name in the commit
[05.12.2011 17:10:34] Michael McKay: Bye Mario.  Have a great day.
[05.12.2011 17:10:37] Teodor Sarca: bye mario
[05.12.2011 17:10:40] Tobias Schoeneberg: by mario
[05.12.2011 17:11:03] Teodor Sarca: so, i think we somehow we discuss to apply this rule retroactively for Carlos complains
[05.12.2011 17:12:46] Tobias Schoeneberg: retroactively? you mean, identify all SQL from carlos-branch and add his name?
[05.12.2011 17:13:11] Teodor Sarca: nop, we can apply only on those 4 cases....
[05.12.2011 17:13:29] Teodor Sarca: because in rest of them, carlos is the author of mercurial / svn commit
[05.12.2011 17:14:25] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok
[05.12.2011 17:14:40] Tobias Schoeneberg: mike, mark any comments?
[05.12.2011 17:16:15] Michael McKay: Sorry - in and out.  Agree to address the areas of complaint on a case by case basis.
[05.12.2011 17:16:43] Mark Ostermann: me too. not a mass update, just because the committ came from carlos
[05.12.2011 17:17:23] Michael McKay: Or to be more general - for a complaint brought by a community member.
[05.12.2011 17:17:50 | Bearbeitet 17:18:08] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, but for the four cases of carlos, and if we manually take something from a remote repo, we add the original author's name? before thate is any complaint?
[05.12.2011 17:18:24] Teodor Sarca: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 17:17] Tobias Schoeneberg: 

<<< ok, but for the four cases of carlos, and if we manually take something from a remote repo, we add the original author's name? before thate is any complaint?yes, exactly, +1
[05.12.2011 17:18:40] Tobias Schoeneberg: (fyi, i need to leave in around 30 minutes)
[05.12.2011 17:19:08] Tobias Schoeneberg: thate=there
[05.12.2011 17:19:09] Teodor Sarca: then, let's press the gas pedal :)
[05.12.2011 17:19:52] Tobias Schoeneberg: OK, so for the four cases of carlos, and if we manually take something from a remote repo, we add the original author's name?
[05.12.2011 17:19:53] Tobias Schoeneberg: +1
[05.12.2011 17:19:57] Mark Ostermann: +1
[05.12.2011 17:20:31] Michael McKay: +1
[05.12.2011 17:20:35] Tobias Schoeneberg:  and for other cases, it's
 * contributor shall set his name in sql scripts if uploaded in trackers
 * if contrbutor is also commiter, we has the name in the commit
[05.12.2011 17:20:37] Tobias Schoeneberg: ?
[05.12.2011 17:20:49] Tobias Schoeneberg: +1 from me
[05.12.2011 17:22:49] Teodor Sarca: +1
[05.12.2011 17:24:34] Michael McKay: +1
[05.12.2011 17:25:52] Mark Ostermann: -u parm is committer and not author. correct?
[05.12.2011 17:26:00 | Bearbeitet 17:26:07] Mark Ostermann: just to be sure
[05.12.2011 17:26:04] Tobias Schoeneberg: correct
[05.12.2011 17:26:17] Michael McKay: Agreed.
[05.12.2011 17:26:20] Mark Ostermann: ok, +1 from my side
[05.12.2011 17:26:22] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok
[05.12.2011 17:26:27] Tobias Schoeneberg: next one
[05.12.2011 17:26:29] Tobias Schoeneberg: ADempiereIdGenerator.java pluggable
[05.12.2011 17:26:36] Mark Ostermann: +1
[05.12.2011 17:26:38] Mark Ostermann: :)
[05.12.2011 17:26:56] Mark Ostermann: teo said, it can be quickly done
[05.12.2011 17:26:59] Teodor Sarca: +1, but who will finish it ? i already provided to red1 the partial solution....
[05.12.2011 17:27:30] Tobias Schoeneberg: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 17:26] Teodor Sarca: 

<<< but who will finish it ?if you want it be done reight...you what the say :)
[05.12.2011 17:27:35] Michael McKay: No input from me on this.  Not sure what it means.  Will go with TT decision.
[05.12.2011 17:28:16] Tobias Schoeneberg: i think one can do it in 25min
[05.12.2011 17:28:24] Tobias Schoeneberg: so +1
[05.12.2011 17:28:59] Teodor Sarca: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 17:27] Tobias Schoeneberg: 

<<< if you want it be done reight...you what the say :)tobi, i like when we talk in proverbs :))
[05.12.2011 17:29:13] Tobias Schoeneberg: thx, me too
[05.12.2011 17:29:52] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, to we decided to make it pluggable. we will nag mark to give a time-slot to do it to teo
[05.12.2011 17:30:01] Tobias Schoeneberg: we= teo and I :)
[05.12.2011 17:30:01] Teodor Sarca: zo, ok i can finish it but then i need Victor and/or Mike to test it that it still working for their case
[05.12.2011 17:30:15] Tobias Schoeneberg: sure
[05.12.2011 17:30:22] Mark Ostermann: ok, great
[05.12.2011 17:30:30] Tobias Schoeneberg: next one
[05.12.2011 17:30:32] Tobias Schoeneberg: Brazil localisation
[05.12.2011 17:30:48] Tobias Schoeneberg: what is the question here?
[05.12.2011 17:31:39] Teodor Sarca: i added to agenda for the history. from last meeting we managed with Brazil community to integrate with us
[05.12.2011 17:31:54] Mark Ostermann: no question. was just for history
[05.12.2011 17:32:08] Mark Ostermann: as reminder for actions done
[05.12.2011 17:32:27 | Bearbeitet 17:32:54] Mark Ostermann: ;) ah, thanks teo. i'm writing to slowly
[05.12.2011 17:32:57] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok. then..ah..next one?
[05.12.2011 17:33:09] Mark Ostermann: one moment
[05.12.2011 17:33:24] Mark Ostermann: ricardo asked about non-base-language
[05.12.2011 17:33:55] Mark Ostermann: does anybody know if he has created a repository yet to push his code?
[05.12.2011 17:35:11] Tobias Schoeneberg: aparently not.
[05.12.2011 17:35:57] Mark Ostermann: ok
[05.12.2011 17:36:00] Teodor Sarca: shall we create one, or for the first stage we shall advice to add it in brazil repo
[05.12.2011 17:36:33 | Bearbeitet 17:36:39] Teodor Sarca: and then integrate in an adempiere branch, and then following the process and mixing with our current work, shall reach the base line
[05.12.2011 17:36:39] Teodor Sarca: ?
[05.12.2011 17:37:20] Tobias Schoeneberg: i think we can leave it to him to decide
[05.12.2011 17:38:00] Mark Ostermann: i just thought it would be a good FR for FT/ TT. We already have started with our solution. Would be good to compare how the brazilians want to solve this problem and we could see if we can merge/ combine our efforts somehow
[05.12.2011 17:38:27] Mark Ostermann: i think we can leave it to him to decideyes, sure
[05.12.2011 17:38:45] Tobias Schoeneberg: i think the most convenient solution for us would be a FR in the adempiere-repo.
[05.12.2011 17:39:08] Teodor Sarca: @tobi, me too
[05.12.2011 17:39:25] Tobias Schoeneberg: we can contact and ask him. agree? is yes, who wants to do it?
[05.12.2011 17:39:42] Mark Ostermann: someone of TT?
[05.12.2011 17:40:06] Teodor Sarca: i can do it. or if tobi wants, is fine... maybe is better.
[05.12.2011 17:40:18] Tobias Schoeneberg: i can do it.
[05.12.2011 17:40:35] Mark Ostermann: here's the thread: https://sourceforge.net/projects/adempiere/forums/forum/611158/topic/2529762
[05.12.2011 17:40:43] Tobias Schoeneberg: thx. ok. ready for next one?
[05.12.2011 17:40:47] Mark Ostermann: y
[05.12.2011 17:40:49] Tobias Schoeneberg: MSProject integration proposed by Marcos Vinícius Coutinho da Silva
[05.12.2011 17:41:09] Michael McKay: This is a great idea.  I have no time but would love to support it.
[05.12.2011 17:41:15] Teodor Sarca: ok
[05.12.2011 17:41:27] Teodor Sarca: let me add some brief intro first
[05.12.2011 17:41:29] Tobias Schoeneberg: same here :)
[05.12.2011 17:41:47] Teodor Sarca: the idea is the guy contacted me and told me about what he is doing
[05.12.2011 17:41:55] Teodor Sarca: (the discussion is in CC to TT/FT)
[05.12.2011 17:42:12] Teodor Sarca: i encouraged him to also join the community and present him self
[05.12.2011 17:42:33] Teodor Sarca: until now, i have to response but I've added also to agenda
[05.12.2011 17:43:12] Teodor Sarca: hope in nearest future to have any contact from him because i think this contribution can open new horizonts to adempiere...
[05.12.2011 17:43:17] Teodor Sarca: (end)
[05.12.2011 17:44:15] Tobias Schoeneberg: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 17:42] Teodor Sarca: 

<<< until now, i have to responseyou mean "no" response?
[05.12.2011 17:44:39] Teodor Sarca: yes, i mean NO response. sorry typo error
[05.12.2011 17:47:20] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, can you contact him once more? we could provide a repo for him.
[05.12.2011 17:47:43] Teodor Sarca: sure, that was also my intention
[05.12.2011 17:47:50] Tobias Schoeneberg: then we can review and think about next steps
[05.12.2011 17:48:18] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, everybody agree
[05.12.2011 17:48:19] Tobias Schoeneberg: ?
[05.12.2011 17:48:40] Mark Ostermann: +1
[05.12.2011 17:48:45] Tobias Schoeneberg: +1
[05.12.2011 17:48:50] Teodor Sarca: +1
[05.12.2011 17:49:10] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, next one
[05.12.2011 17:49:11] Tobias Schoeneberg: Taking stock of current FRs, maybe provide a template-wiki-page for them and ask the FR repsponsible to provide documentation
[05.12.2011 17:49:28] Tobias Schoeneberg: i need to leave now
[05.12.2011 17:50:02] Mark Ostermann: i believe we already have a template
[05.12.2011 17:50:06] Mark Ostermann: i'll check
[05.12.2011 17:50:23] Mark Ostermann: bye tobi. have a nive evening.
[05.12.2011 17:50:33] Mark Ostermann: are we finished then?
[05.12.2011 17:50:39 | Bearbeitet 17:51:06] Tobias Schoeneberg: [Montag, 5. Dezember 2011 17:50] Mark Ostermann: 

<<< i believe we already have a templateyes, but i would like to create pages, add them all to a common category like "FR in progress"
[05.12.2011 17:51:26] Mark Ostermann: ok
[05.12.2011 17:51:29] Tobias Schoeneberg: ok, cu
[05.12.2011 17:51:40] Teodor Sarca: cu
[05.12.2011 17:51:42] Tobias Schoeneberg: mark can vote for me, if there is anything to vote
[05.12.2011 17:52:40] Michael McKay: Sorry - on the phone.  Re MSProject.  +1 I'm aware of serveral large companies that are struggling to implement MSProject in a SAP environment.  Teh key problem is tracking of project data.  Being able to roll-up project budgets and forecasts in ADempiere would be a great feature.
[05.12.2011 17:53:48] Teodor Sarca: @Mike, i will contact the guy tomorrow and see what is happening. we are only on inception phase with this project.
[05.12.2011 17:54:17] Teodor Sarca: ok, do we have more points to discuss?
[05.12.2011 17:56:12] Mark Ostermann: i think that were all points on the agenda and we can close for today.
[05.12.2011 17:56:29] Trifon: sorry i just came back.
[05.12.2011 17:56:34] Trifon: missed the whole meeting.
[05.12.2011 17:56:35] Teodor Sarca: yep, i think that too
[05.12.2011 17:57:13] Teodor Sarca: them, bye bye to everybody and thanks for the fastforward productive meeting
[05.12.2011 17:58:47] Mark Ostermann: bye teo. thanks alot too
[05.12.2011 17:58:51] Mark Ostermann: bye everybody
[05.12.2011 18:19:30] Victor Perez Juarez: I sorry . I had that go
[05.12.2011 18:19:50] Victor Perez Juarez: my network connection was disconect
[05.12.2011 18:51:20] Mario Calderón: I'm back . bye to all