Enabling Promotions

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Applies to 3.5.4 (Jan 2010).

- In window Client (Logged into System or Client?):  put "org.adempiere.model.PromotionValidator" in "Model Validation Classes"
- Restart Application server (Is this necessary?)

As SuperUser, Client: GardinAdmin

- New PromoGroup:  PromoGroupB - active, Client GW, Org HQ
- Add Patio Chair to it
- Add New Promotion:  PromoTest2
- PreConditions: All empty except Start Date = Dec 2007
- PromoLine = PromoGroupB:  Min Amount = 0  – Mandatory
- QtyDistr:  0_PromoGroupB, Operatio:>= ;  Qty=1; Distr. Type = MAX, Distr.Sorting=empty
- Reward: Uncheck "For all Distribution";PromoDistribution=0-PromoGroupB_10, Same src-target Checked, Reward Type=Percentage, Amount =10, Qty=0, Distr.Sorting=empty; Charge commision paid

Created a Standard Order (HQ:HQ) for Joe Block, added the Patio Chair, Qty 10. Prepared Order to in-progress status ...

... no additional lines were added to the order.