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The Document Action Dialog initiates a step in the document processing flow that will result in a change in the document status and may trigger workflow or accounting processes.


Icon: Icon Process24.png
Field: Doc Action.


The Document Action Dialog is only available on documents.

The list of available actions is limited to valid actions for the current document status.

Document Actions can't be performed while a Workflow activity involving that record is in progress.


The Document Action Dialog appears as a button displaying the icon Icon Process24.png and labeled with the next most likely process such as Prepare, Complete, Close or Void.

Clicking the button will open the Document Action Dialog as shown below.




The Dialog has a combo box with a list of available actions. Below that, there is a description of the selected action and three buttons:

  • Icon Process24.png Initiate the action as a background process - useful for documents, like bank statements, with many lines and significant accounting consequences.
  • Icon Cancel24.png Cancel - this will close the dialog.
  • Icon Ok24.png Confirm - this will initiate the document action process.

The list of available actions depends on the type of document and the current status of the document.

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For Developers

The software that displays this window can be found in:

  • base/src
  • client/src