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- Its Just A Community - Nothing Personal -

Who Are We?

The ADempiere community is made up of various categories of people, and we are sure you must fit into at least one of them. There are contributors, developers, testers, writers, users, as well as businesses, authorities, experts, newbies and students. There is also a Council of trustees to be responsible for this community and the project's well-being.

Each community has its own history and culture. This particular community has its roots within the Compiere SourceForge project over the last 3 years. We started as users and implementors of this great software project, and began to progress in leaps and bounds in our own capability to master it and even extend it for various end-users.

The community was generally grateful to Compiere's creator, Jorg Janke, and tolerated his business model of charging users for priority support, training and the user manual. Many of us contributed code, bug reports, fixes and recommendations on how this premiere Open Source ERP/CRM solution could continue to expand. And though Jorg Janke hardly responded to the forums' messages (even those that were directly aimed at him) the Compiere community enjoyed ample support and encouragement from other community seniors on a voluntary and vigilant basis.

Trouble set in soon after ComPiere Inc, USA, the commercial entity behind this project, purportedly obtained some USD6 million funding from an "angel" investor who soon joined its Board of Directors. Many among the paying partners of Compiere began to question new policy directions, this led to the Forking Debate, and eventually sparked off the Adempiere community. The name "Adempiere" is an Italian word related to "Compiere" (which means "to deliver or fulfill"), but also semantically reflects the core ideal of this community: "to fulfill towards completion, with respect and honour".

My Contribution

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Name: Amwill Sosa From: VENEZUELA

Hi there! I've been using Adempiere for a short time but I'm really impressed with the effort put on the software by the community. I would like to give away all of the customization I've been doing for Venezuela so that anyone may use it, then if anyone can point me to it (how to export the documents, translations,...) I'd be glad to.


Name: Eduardo Rodriguez (Lombay) From: MEXICO

Hi, I am working on a project to improve the capabilities of organizations and people by the application of Information Technologies (

This project pretends to develop IT entrepreneurs from scratch to provide service for small and medium enterprises in the State of Mexico. It is supported fully in the use of Free Software. Has 3 stages: Programming Training, Software quality and Systems Design and ERP applications.

Besides I am very active in Legislative activities, I have participated in writing the Science and Technology Law for the State of Mexico and I am lobbying to improve the use and understanding of Science and Technology in gubernamental and private spheres.

I work in Information Technologies since 1969, I have participated in 2 MRPII projects. Since 1992 I am interested in manufacturing.

I have participated in other Free Forums translating documentation.

Nama:Syamsul Maarif From: Indonesia

I am a software developer. Currently using compiere at workplace. (may prove useful to ADempiere!).

Name: Akos Gabriel From: Hungary

News: Our company is now evaluating Adempiere, and doing the Hungarian translation. I fear there won't be any article about ERBox :( But I can offer articles about JVM tuning for JBoss, and PostgreSQL cluster implementation using PGCluster.

Currently evaluating Compiere (again, did it one year ago) at workplace. Senior J2EE developer, system administrator background. I'd love PostgreSQL support very much. I documented installation of ERBox (another fork :) ) on Linux+Pg. I'd build a Debian package if licenses permit. I have documented PgCluster installation (could be interesting for HA-production environments). First idea: do not block installation into that installer.jar, it is absolutely not datacenter-friendly. I'd prefer a no-GUI, configurable installer. For example what if I don't want pg814 but instead I want my pgcluster being used. Or I have already pg815... :)

Welcome Akos! can u put your documentation install of ERBox/Linux+Pg into this wiki link? at the wiki Tutorial .. u can use title such as 'ERBox Install On Linux'. Just make link from this title if it is already online. After that, we put your name in! :) So simple!

Red1 19:55, 8 November 2006 (EST)

Name : M Zainudin Sumiry From Malaysia. Currently using compiere at workplace. Encounters some problems and solutions which can be shared. Accounting background. Beginner's knowledge at sql & Ireport.

Thank you.

Welcome Din! this is a gud start.. of course u can read up all the accting threads, and in due time u know what to do.. mistakes are allowed ;)

- Red1 09:36, 31 October 2006 (EST)

Name: Ben Stewart: Australia Currently working in a company that I have formed withe a friend. 10+ years of development, sysadmin and ERP implementations. I have had experience in Oracle Ebusiness Suite, Accpac and a number of other more obscure packages. What we really need is something that works and is comperable (from a features point of view) with the packages already out there. What I like to see in an ERP package.. reports.. and lots of them... they are what company managers/owners need on a day to day basis. We evaluated Compiere some time ago and lost interest when we were asked to give big $$ for an ERP package that had a reporting solution involving exporting to excel?? what the. and are our friends...lets go !!!

Hi Ben! looking forward to your points and ideas. Yes, we want to push the limits of freedom, to truly end to end free.

- Red1 02:37, 10 November 2006 (EST)

Name: Leif Perzon: Sweden Been following Compiere for two years. I've been an IT-consultant, as developer, for 20-years, the last 10 years mainly in management positions, still with my soul in software development. At present my focus is in establishing a business that delivers IT-solutions based on OpenSource products to SMB-market. We are using Mandriva Linux, Liferay, Alfresco and ADempiere.

I have refined the Swedish translation and created a Swedish accounting file. These were contributed to ADempere using my SourceForge user "lpz06". My personal contributions will mostly be around requirements and testing, but I also have good knowledge in Java, Oracle, mySQL and general systems architecture. As a company we are proffessionals in J2EE systems development. Among other things we are running the TimeTrix project at SourceForge. The TimeTrix system itself isn't very sofisticated but we started it mainly to get practical experience in OpenSource project development.

Welcome Leif we already listed u anyway! just give me your email id.. update your Talk page will do. i will refer to it.

Red1 04:16, 15 November 2006 (EST)

Name: Marion, Australia

Have been working in IT as business process consultant for many years (better not tell HOW MANY - you might be able to guess my age :-) ). Was project leader for the implementation of a CRM system in a company with some 2000 staff. Have been working with Linux (SUSE and Ubuntu) servers and desktops for several years. In 2004, my husband and I completed a Master in Business (e-Business and Communication) degree and we are currently in the process of establishing a business that provides e-Business solutions, based on OpenSource products, to small and medium enterprises.

Welcome Marion! the first lady of the house! Ok, special privlege granted - no age required. (We didnt even ask for it! :D ) also update your talk page.. so that i can link your contact.

Red1 04:16, 15 November 2006 (EST)

Name: Ariel Cabral, Argentina

I've been working in IT business for about 25 years. Along my career I´d play many roles from developer to IT consultant, also I was a project leader for the implementation of many local ERP solutions in small to medium size enterprises. I've been working with Debian distributions for workstations (KDE desktops) and servers since year 2001. Currently I work in a company that I formed with my brother centered in the implementation of free software as a system analyst, also we have interest in deliver a geniune free solution to our customer. Where free means freedom even from us. My best regards to all the community

Welcome Ariel Pls update your User page with contact info. Make your contributions. Advertise yourself!

Red1 18:36, 18 November 2006 (EST)

Name: Soheil Qanbari, IRAN.

I have been working in IT Enterprise Solutions as an ERP Product Manager specificly Compiere Solution for 4 years.My little expertise orientation is focusing on the Software Enterprise Mgmt & Enterprise Architecture.Now seeking an opportunity in an Adempiere environment, in which my experience, problem solving and teamwork skills, may contribute to the success of the Adempiere and Community growth.Well, Enterprise solutions has got special terminology & literature, i hope my translation contribution & Enterprise Architecture comments if i may ofcourse , will make Adempiere much more useful for another culture as well.Blessings Be Upon Community. My Pleasure

Welcome Soheil we welcome an Iranian/Persian translation - - Red1 07:42, 18 December 2006 (EST)

Name: Bahman Movaqar, Iran.

I have been working with Compiere for 1 year at workplace, therefore as my last task, currently analysing and studying the feasibility of utilising a rule engine (Drools or Manadarax) in Compiere (may prove useful to ADempiere!). In addition I am a senior J2EE developer and a Linux guru with strong background in Linux and PostgreSQL administration. Also, I admire the 'open documentation' philosophy, thus willing to take part in translation process (as I have done for PC-BSD project). I would be very glad if you would find my knowledge and will to participate, helpful. Warm Regards

Welcome Bahman Drools stuff is interesting and u shuld get into the ongoing discussions in our SF. Since u come here after Soheil above, u both know each other? Of course whatever u do will be appreciated like the rest of us! -- Red1 09:39, 19 December 2006 (EST)

Thank you! I would be very happy if I could share my knowledge about Drools but where?! I didn't find the relative forum on SF.
And as a matter of your interest I and Soheil are colleagues at the same department (You may have found a whole department behind you!

Name: Fariborz Golara, IRAN.

I have been working Compiere since 1 year ago as an senior system analyst at Haseb system engineering consultancy Co.( Currently analyzing and studying the feasibility of Compiere's localization in Iran. I'm so glad for Adempiere project birth and community foundation. I hope, if we may: will make Adempiere much more useful for another culture specifically Iran and others, have got right to left (BiDi) mode.

Welcome to Fariborz too. Yes, we are multi-cultural and global. - Red1 11:42, 20 December 2006 (EST)

Name: Omid Pourhadi, Iran.

I'm another member from iran, i have been working on Adempiere since 2007 , i am java expertize and have experience in the implementation of Adempiere ERP for Industrial firms in iran also work on Adempiere Architecture to migrate on new platform like EJB 3 / JPA , Integrated it with JBPM and ... Bahman was really helped me and appreciate to thanks to him

Name : Joseph John , UAE .

nick name "jjk_saji" or "bisana"

Open Source is my passion and I am very active in supporting and promoting. I do not have much exposure to ERP systems other than installing it. Recently I had a need to evaluate some software for fixed assets management, I am trying out how could I use Adempiere for fixed asset management . Even though I am not a programmer I have taken it seriously to see how it works and to contribute to the Asset tracking module.

Name: Shamayla Batool From: Pakistan

Hi. I am a fresh CS graduate. I have workded on ADempiere as a project in my university. We wrote guides for ADempiere Installation, Customization and Usage. We will like to contribute our work to Adempiere which consists of not only step by step procedures to use Adempiere but also flow diagrams to understand the Adempiere workflows. Thankyou!

1st Quarter 2007

Name: Hakem Taourchi, Jadanet Algeria

I am an IT consultant with some 8 years of experience in Billing systems integration for GSM operators. A bit of everything, development, documenting, tuning, testing, analysis, project management. My team and myself got into Adempiere from Compiere. We want to make this working for our own need and contribute along the way with documentation, bug fixes, bring some piece to the edifice.

Welcome Hakem! u have expensive skills.. hopeu can write more bout it in the wiki. - Red1 05:26, 7 January 2007 (EST)

Name: Jenaro Centeno G., Jalisco, Mexico I am IT consultant, actually working as dba/na, I have experience with PostgreSQL, SQLServer, Oracle and Interbase databases, actually I am working with Delphi, I also have experience with C, PHP, Ruby, VB and C#, actually exploring .NET. I like to develop and document. I have helped with translations in other projects at sourceforge as moregroupware. I've working as consultant for more than 15 years, have a lot of knowledge about Network and Database Security, Systems Implementation, Accounting, Administrative Tasks and specially on Sales Force Automation area. Hope I can help. Thanks.

Welcome Jenaro! Yes, documentation is king! And there may be a Ruby sub project that u can lead. Also this subject area of Sales Force Automation is expensive knowledge to share. -- Red1 22:02, 12 January 2007 (EST)

Name: Chia Chang, USA.

Somehow I couldn't find my previous entry anywhere. But I am glad that I can start it over again like the new year and the new me. ;-) I'm new to both Compiere and Adempiere. Therefore, there are a lot for me to learn and to catch up with other folks. I am a senior software developer with vast years' experiences. I also know Chinese and might be able to help in the Chinese translation. My goals are to contribute to the success of the ADempiere and the ADempiere Community and to grow with the community. :-)

Ni hou, ChiaChang! again! Must be due to the crash we had in last December. Anyway, glad u are always new! - - Red1 22:02, 12 January 2007 (EST)

Name: Teo Sarca, Romania

I am a software developer. Working with Compiere and them with Adempiere for more than an year, I have implied/developed customizations, localization, accounting etc. I have experience with contains Java, Oracle, Networking, Accounting.

Welcome Teo keep up the fantastic work! -- Red1 22:02, 12 January 2007 (EST)

Name: Fuad Ćurčić Manager of company Establish. IT company based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We decided to implement Compiere in Fall of 2006, but since 1.1.2007 we are moving to ADempiere. We have a huge task of implementing this in no less then 15 companies that are vertically and horizontally linked into the Holding company. I have some 5 years as software developer and 3-4 years as IT manager and project leader. We are looking to help Community anyway we can since we need to upgrade software in may ways. Also, translation in Bosnian is our plan as well.

Welcome Fuad i have received your email and extracting for bazaar to assist as well.
- Red1 03:21, 14 January 2007 (EST)

Name: Martin Augustine From: South Africa Company: NTier Software Services

As a company we have been involved with Compiere since 2003 (As a partner). My IT experience is over 15 years, mainly in the development world. Personally I have assisted with Compiere implementations at numerous clients. We have faced quite a few challenges with working with Compiere. The only way we could effectively use Compiere was with a lot of customizations and fixes. We look forward to contributing to ADempiere.

Name: Yogan Naidoo
From: South Africa
Company: nTier Software Services
We were a Compiere partner since 2003. We have decided to join Adempiere due to various reasons. Some of them include new restrictive licensing conditions, lack of true community involvement and hence duplication of effort by the partner base. Thank you Adempiere for giving us an alternative.

At the moment I have chosen to remain outside development and instead focus on implementation and business processes. I guess you could call me a super-user of Adempiere.

Our company however have extensive development and implementation experience, with quite a few 'live' clients. In due course you will see a few of my colleagues edit their details here as well.

We look forward to working with Adempiere.

Welcome South Africa! very happy that you are here! Red1 11:44, 17 January 2007 (EST)

Name: Anesh Meghraj From: South Africa Company: NTier Software Services

I've have been involved with Compiere and Compiere implementations since 2003. I've been involved in most aspects from business analysis, design, customisation and implementation.

I'm very encouraged by the roadmap and the functionality that is being proposed.

Looking forward to the challenge of migrating current implementation to Adempiere.

Name: Phani Kumar G From: India

I am very young to this community and i am looking forward to contribute myself to the best to the development of "ADempiere" as well as the community. I am a software engineer into testing. I have got very good experience in SCM Domain and technically as well. I have got good experience in Testing of the system (Black box & White Box). I have the working experience of SQL, UNIX, XML too. We have got the best team award and technical excellence award from the testing team. I am good in Automation Testing as well as manual testing. I can prepare the automation script and can be run for every release/major path applied to have the better quality of the product.

I will be greatfull if I am given the opportunity to work on this as a QA.

Welcome Phani pls contribute your ideas in the sourceforge forums and start some of your own works... as ppl see your work, u shall be entrusted more official role. Red1 13:00, 31 January 2007 (EST)

Name:Bülent Aydin From:Germany & Turkey Company:openpoint

For a long time , I am following Compiere and now Adempiere. It is great project I am a project leader and developer (Database Design, Message Queues & Brokering, SQL, java, iSeries etc..) for over 10 years. I would like to contribute for documentation and turkish translation. I hope that in near future I can contribute more than translation & documentation.

Welcome Bülent Aydin, looking forward to your contribution.. -- Red1 04:28, 1 February 2007 (EST)

Name:Stuart Gathman From:Fairfax, VA USA Company:Business Management Systems

We have a US import / export "green screen" ERP system that we will be trying to port to Adempiere. While many parts are US specific, there are many supporting tables that will apply to any country. For example, Carriers, Vessels, Airlines, Ports, Countries, Manufacturers, Consignees, Units of Measure. Many of these tables are common across all users of the system (e.g. Airlines, Ports, Countries, etc). (Adempiere should have downloadable data to populate such reference data, and a way for contibutors to update it.) US Specific tables include Harmonized Tariff, Quotas, Entries. We are just getting started understanding the system.

At the same time, I am installing Adempiere for a book distributor. I will be porting EDI interfaces and royalty accounting from their legacy system.

Welcome Stuart! That is so cool! And u already have a vertical commune taking shape started here by Global Era (click on its project link within) on the transportation industry. So this is just perfect timing for our time to publish. But u are still welcome to post your own vertcal solution under your own branch, and we allow things to evolve from there. - Red1 23:03, 1 March 2007 (EST)

Name: Fernando Sarria From: Ecuador Company: GENNASSIS WebSite:

GENNASSIS is an Ecuadorian company and provide Information Technology services to streamline critical Business Processes. Main company's partners have 15 years experience working for companies such as IBM, Citigroup PriceWaterhouseCoopers and World Bank providing more than 100 projects/solutions for a wide variety of industries and companies.

GENNASSIS has been reviewed and analyzed during the last twelve months to COMPIERE like an alternative of ERP for small and medium companies in Ecuador. In this time we have installed and set up the product in several enviroments but always we have had problems with the support and the obtained level of information.

We think that now with this new project ADEMPIERE really this project will work as a true product and community OPEN SOURCE and we want to contribute to it.

Most Welcome Equador! Your expert knowledge can be a most valuable contribution and we hope you publish some case studies and methodologies to give confidence to the marketplace. - Red1 05:12, 3 March 2007 (EST)

Name: Nocha, Malaysia

I am an Electrical Engineer and I'm very interested to learn to use Adempiere. My present organisation uses SAP, so it will be great for me to be able to compare the two. Maybe I can share my experiences in the near future. But first....I must install Adempiere and Oracle XE on my home Ubuntu box! Wish me luck! (Hey Red1, it was great to be able to meet you and hear you speak at IEM. Many thanks for your FIRST autograph!).

ah so! thank u for making me famous! anyway we got good news.. a university is setting up a R&D center to study SAP displacement via ADempiere for us. We will be bringing the lords over to study this closely and make success case pilots. Perhaps u can volunteer to be part of the pilot scheme when it happens. Watch the local news. Red1 00:41, 26 March 2007 (EDT)

Name: racd, Malaysia

hi!, actually i still new with Adiempiere. There is a lot of thing that i need to learn and to be learn here. There is a Adiempire project to be finish by end of this year. Actually, before this i already have an experienced with Compiere. Thanks to God, i have successfully implement compiere for a several company around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I also have quite good understanding in a several business process such as construction, trading, and sport center. For me, till today the most challenging modifications that i have done in compiere is Modify Compiere 2.5.1d to suite with Construction business process. There a lot of new Modules that i need to create. i will tell more about this later. lastly, good luck to everybody who doing Adiempire. Beleive on what u are doing presently.

Name  : Agung Budi Santosa, From  : Batam Island - INDONESIA, Company : Alpha Media Informatika(

Hi there! I am IT Consultant from Batam Island - Indonesia. I have an experience in some of ERP Software such as ASK-Manman, Manman/X, and Mapics. I have been following Compiere since 2003, and I have write some of paper and sort manual of Compiere. I also following ADempiere since the beginning, and help some small company in my area to run ADempiere. Now, I want to contribute to ADempiere , and I want become part of the community, Please advice me.

2nd Quarter, 2007

Name: Leon Lee, Beijing China

I am a java developer in beijing China. I had worked for a Singapore CRM firm and I am deploying compiere ERP for a middle software company, I sincerely hope to use Adempiere, but at present she is not so steadily. I admire Adempiere community's efforts and I want be a member. I can take on testing and debuging, by the way I like Jboss Seam and have some experience, maybe I can do something for Tang project.

Everyboy is here, where are you! come on! :) --Leonlee 23:49, 7 April 2007 (EDT)

Wecome Leon! Sure! U can sign your name at the bottom link in the Getting Involved in QA page, and follow The Adempiere Next Generation (TANG). - Red1 02:00, 8 April 2007 (EDT)

Name: Mark Lo, Hong Kong Special Administration Region(SAR) China

I am a business application developer in PowerBuilder+Oracle, and web application in PHP+MySQL for years but I am new to java. I 've just installed Adempiere with PostgreSQL sucessfully for testing. I wish I could join the developer team for bug fixing and for documentation like building a set of UML diagrams. Also, well, I 'd market this to support HKSME for a little bit of income. If the core team welcome me to join as one of developer, I 'd be very happy. 20:00, 8 April 2007 (GMT+8)

Welcome Mark! You can follow the same advice i gave above. When you proven consistency, then we put your name in. - Red1 08:47, 8 April 2007 (EDT)

Name: Sureeraya Limpaibul, Grandlinux Solution Co.,Ltd. Thailand From: Thailand

I'm following compiere for 5 years and now adempiere. I think opensource and community is the greatest in software development. Compiere & Adempiere is the best solution for ERP System. Adempiere is very fast and very inprove the performance. I've some customize code for share to other people and would like to cheer all guy here. Cheer!

Welcome Miss Sureeraya! Your language pack is uploaded to Download Files of SF and your code suggest is posted in Thai Forum. - Red1 14:56, 15 April 2007 (EDT)

Name: Oleg Gryb, Accenture LLP, USA From: USA

I've been working for big enterprises for the last 10 years, mostly in banking/finance/credit card industries and was involved into different proprietary ERP/CRM customization projects. For the last three years I've seen a lot of activities realted to converting a traditional "silo" style architecture into SOA. This trend looks very pervasive and promising.

I think, I've heard about Compiere first time 3 years ago and found it interesting, but I didn't like the facts that it actually was a fee-based community/partnership and that open source database option was missing. Then I found Ademiere where PostgreSQL integration option was available out of the box.

I think that my major interest in this project is to understand how SOA interfaces can be exposed and consumed by clients running on different platforms, and how pluggable architecture and customization development frameworks could be built. I've created a working prototype of Adempiere based generic web service and described a .NET client use case to demonstrate how this service can be consumed by a "foreign" client. The first results are encouraging and promising so far.

If the community has any interest in this effort please let me know. I could also move Java/.NET/Hibernate code to Adempiere repositories if such an interest exists.

Please check the following documents for details:

Welcome Oleg! You should publish this in your User page here and also in forum to discuss further. Quite some work u have done in your links - Red1 13:47, 16 April 2007 (EDT)

Company: Blockburg ( Blockburg )
Name: Richley Blackburn (rebcom)
Country: South Africa, Johannesburg
Languages: English, Afrikaans

Blockburg is an IT company specialising in development and support. Development projects are mainly done in Java and C++ but we have php and .net experience. Databases knowledge - Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL & EnterpriseDB.

We have been involved for 3 years with supporting clients and compiere partners in South Africa, projects completed:-

a) General screen customizations
b) General bug fixing - eg warehouse locators
c) Migrations
d) Preliminary Order - form based - generates both product and purchase order, allows for images which are resized.
e) Product Catalogue & Reports using Jasper reports
f) Web application for timeSheet using jboss - writes shipments into compiere for easy invoicing.

We have setup a test box running Centos 4.4, PostgreSQL and Adempiere and are very impressed so far and look forward to contributing to the community.

Welcome Mr. Blackburn! This is cool man! Looking forward to seeing you around.. - Red1 06:35, 18 April 2007 (EDT)

Name: Tayfun Türek
Company: Elektroton C&C LLC
Location: Istanbul, TURKEY
Languages: English, Turkish
I have been following Adempiere project till 2004. Being a software developer since 1986, I am aware of a big market need for a decent and affordable ERP/Accounting software package for small and mid sized companies, I have been on a constant research for an Open Source ERP project, and luckily recent developments in Compiere and lightning speed of Adempiere project convinced me that Adempiere is the project to be in and contribute. I believe it will be the Firefox of the ERP world. So my company and our sister company Orbit Technologies decided to join our resources to contribute in Turkish translation, and localization of Adempiere. Finally, will provide implementation and support services to customers in Turkish speaking countries starting Turkey. We also welcome any Turkish speaking contributors to join our affords here in Turkey. We are setting up a sourceforge project for translation. Please join us at ademtr project on sf, and keep up the good work.

Welcome Tayfun! You may ask for a Turkish language sub-forum in the ADempiere project forum. We can also include you into our developer's list when you are active. - Red1 05:46, 28 April 2007 (EDT)

  • Name: David McNeill
  • Company: McPond Software
  • Location: Auckland, New Zealand
  • Languages: English en_nz
I have been implementing and supporting local NZ legacy medium business accounting software Prophet for the last twenty years. We've also developed serveral third party addons, and done a lot hardware and network support.
I've been heading more and more open source after making a firm personal commitment to get on with it two years ago. All my workstations and servers are now Kubuntu. We've been making detailed plans and made some good progress on how to move our own apps out of Delphi into Java, JBoss, Cocoon.
We're already deeply into XML, XSLT, xsl:fo, Trac, svn, Apache, MySQL.
We're going to learn to implement ADempiere, and spread the word. We'll look at first how to configure ADempiere for New Zealand Goods and Services Tax (GST), since that will be a key prerequisite to getting it running for NZ businesses. We have our own dedicated hosted server that might be suitable for offering ADempiere to customers as a service. We may also look at tools and methods for doing data conversion from Prophet.
Welcome o' McNeill!:D Mighty fine to have the most eastern front of the Pacific rim right here! Scream when u need help. - Red1 06:36, 2 May 2007 (EDT)

I'm working for an IT-Consultancy (freecom gmbh) in Austria. We as a company are spezialized in doing webbased "ERP-add-on"-projects (portals, reporting solutions, b2b data exchange) based on java EE and oracle at the moment.
Searching for an Open Source ERP Solution fitting in our preferred technology stack to extend our portfolio we have been closely monitoring the development around Compiere/Adempiere in the last year and as well have done quite a long evalutaion (technical and functional) of Adempiere.
Impressed of the Product and the Community we recently decided to start to become Adempiere Professionals as a company.
Thus we start be an ative member of the community.
As we are already trying to "sell" ADempiere resp. Services here in Austria, we will provide feedback from the sales side soon, as this I think is important for future developments as well

Planned first contributions from our side:

  • Localization for the Austrian Market
    • Accounting Schema / Setup Draft available
    • Tax Setup
    • VAT Reports
    • Intrastat Reports
    • ...
  • QA / Testing
  • (more) German Documentation

any collaboration on this with other Austrian users is highly appricated.

Welcome Christian! Those reports are always highly useful to users and are most appreciated. - Red1 00:12, 3 May 2007 (EDT)

Name: Wayne Koong
From: Malaysia

Hi, I am a CRM Consultant with 10years+ experience implementing CRM Packages for Financial & Telecomunication Industries around Asia. Currently supporting a local Bank on their CRM packages. The client which I am servicing had invested quite a big $$$ on CRM package since 1998, and currently evaluating options whether to upgrade the current system or look for alternative system. As the upgrade path is costly and non-direct (another word, not-upgradable).
I am looking into how Adempiere may fit the client requirements, especially in scalability (5000+ users, 24*7, Oracle Rack, 10mil+ customers), functionalities (both technical and functional: 360view, Retail & Corporate customer support, MQ support, Host connectivity, etc), and most important stability and support.
Hopefully, able to pursue the client to evaluate Adempiere.

Welcome Wayne Let the bazaar help you with that. Post the generic RFP to the forums (minus the client's sensitive info and u can get alot of track. - Red1 10:19, 17 May 2007 (EDT)

[18/05/2007 WAYNE] Not yet RFP stage, only some groundworks.

I'm working for an IT-Consultancy (freecom gmbh) in Austria. We as a company are spezialized in doing webbased "ERP-add-on"-projects (portals, reporting solutions, b2b data exchange) based on java EE and oracle at the moment.
I am a software engineer (mainly java/oracle)
see also profile of Christian Cerny, above

3rd Quarter, 2007

  • Name: Hayder Aziz
  • Company: URUKI
  • Locations: Iraq, UAE, Hungary
  • Languages: English, Arabic
Hi, I'm an academic/IT consultant. I've worked previosuly many years ago on Compiere 2.5.1, now I'm back here and very happy to see such a fresh and vibrant community built around the phoenix from the ashes of Compiere. I am interested in ontologies, building an Intelligent Adempiere and integrating it with Telephony/Groupware solutions to provide the best ERP system out there... Adempiere has the potential to knock SAP off. And I'm not being rhetorical. Lets fight the empire.
No kidding! :-) - Red1 08:16, 17 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Name: Richard Gennaro
  • From: Italy
  • Company:
  • Languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Turkish
HI, I'm Chief of Technologies of FourLayers, an industry-oriented Open Source and Software Solution integrator headquartered in Italy. We had been Compiere Partner since 2005 and are now planning to migrate to Adempiere because of its genuine OpenSource nature. We're specially interested on Manufacturing functionalities and on SOA/Business Process Integration.

Our Mission is to create a framework with a futuristic architecture, able to integrate several Enterprise Solutions to Adempiere through the latest technologies such as WebServices, BPEL and ESB; the goal is to add functionalities without modifying Adempiere kernel libraries. I'd like to partecipate to the WebUI developemnt too, specially with the Rich Ajax Platform solution.

Welcome Richard, i'm glad to see joining Adempiere. Adempiere has started moving to WEB Services, so i hope that you can help it move further.

Trifonnt 12:05, 23 June 2007 (EDT)

  • Name: Saw Eugene
  • From: Malaysian residing in Singapore, but currently in Mumbai
  • Languages: English, Malay, Mandarin
Hi all, I'm new to Adempiere and am new to Open-Source, but thought that it's time to make knowledge free, so here I am. Chose to take part in Adempiere's initiative because it's somewhat in an area I'm familiar with. My domain expertise is in Supply Chain Execution & Supply Chain Planning in a 3PL & 4PL model, so let's see where I can contribute: Programming's likely out since I last touched code 7 years back, but will try to see whether I can contribute to documentation instead (both functional & technical); once I've familiarized myself with the system. Any of you wish to add in 3PL/4PL logistics function in Adempiere, feel free to let me know (at first glance, I think Adempiere is lacking in that area, but I may be wrong). Btw, read about how Adempiere originated, well done & keep up the good work!
Welcome fellow Malaysian! - Red1 08:28, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

  • Name: André Dalen
  • From: South Africa
  • Languages: English, Afrikaans
I started my career in I.T. as an Accpac Plus (Computer Associates) consultant in 1994. Two years after that I moved to Great Plains Dynamics which ultimately became Microsoft Dynamics GP as it is know today.
My experience in Implementation Consulting ranges from small financials (GL, AP, AR) companies to large (400 to 1200+ user) Logistics companies.
I have no development expertise (even though I have just is not meant for me).
I have a CTT+ certification (Certified Technical Trainer -
I implemented Siebel CRM (midmarket edition) for about three years.
I became interested in Compiere four years ago and subsequently implemented it at one site (part-time) two years ago. The site is up and running and a great deal of value was brought to this company by using this outstanding E.R.P system.
Welcome! Its great to hear such a success story! - Red1 05:36, 10 September 2007 (EDT)

  • Name: Vincent Mariko
  • From: Paris (France)
  • Languages: French, English

IT-consultant since 15 years, engineer system Unix,Linux, Windows, and system administrator, i am working with linux since 1996. I can programming in C and C++, i am learning Java and J2EE , know Unix shell scripting. French Accounting background. I am following Compiere since two years. Our company is now evaluating Adempiere to use it for our business, and we want to do a French translation of it.

Thanks to all.

Best regards to Adempiere’s community.

Bonjour Mariko and hope you enjoy your stay - Red1 17:54, 13 September 2007 (EDT)

4th Quarter, 2007

  • Name: Sean O'Quin
  • From: Quito, Ecuador
  • Languages: English, Spanish

IT industry professional with over 10 years of product and program management for supply chain and business intelligence solutions.

A core philosophy of mine is to focus on the required functionality for the business and not build the business around an ERP application. Having the option to implement open source solutions such as ADempiere allows a company to implement a technology solution that meets their needs. I look forward to working with the community to continue the development and adoption of ADempiere.

The bazaar welcomes another talent! - Red1 14:15, 8 October 2007 (EDT)

  • Name: Alejandro Gómez Garay
  • From: Ciudad de México, Mexico
  • Languages: English, Spanish

I am IT consultant, actually working in data mining; I have experience with some RDBMS (Oracle, Informix, DB2, Sybase), some programming languages and for now I am working with Java and learning Python. I like to develop and sometimes document, and try to implement Adempiere in a retail enterprise. I've working in IT projects for more than 17 years, have a lot of knowledge about Database Security, Systems Implementation, Statistical issues and Administrative Tasks. Hope I can help. Thanks.

Welcome, Alejandro Gomez! Wish you enjoy Adempiere and the great community. Trifonnt 04:11, 23 October 2007 (EDT) Welcome Alejandro! Data mining fascilities are a boon for an enterprise software. Hope to hear from you more. --Bahman 10:05, 23 October 2007 (EDT)

Name: racd, Malaysia

hi!, actually i still new with Adiempiere. There is a lot of thing that i need to learn and to be learn here. There is a Adiempire project to be finish by end of this year. Actually, before this i already have an experienced with Compiere. Thanks to God, i have successfully implement compiere for a several company around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I also have quite good understanding in a several business process such as construction, trading, and sport center. For me, till today the most challenging modifications that i have done in compiere is Modify Compiere 2.5.1d to suite with Construction business process. There a lot of new Modules that i need to create. i will tell more about this later. lastly, good luck to everybody who doing Adiempire. Beleive on what u are doing presently.

Selamat Datang RACD! I have uploaded your contribution to - Red1 11:12, 1 November 2007 (EDT)

i am very proud to share my knowledge and ideas with somebody else who have the same interest. what i have been uploaded (construction file) is just a few part from the overall Construction Business Process. However i think i already go straight forward to the most important part in the construction business process such as Project Budget, BQ, SubContractor Progress Claim, Client Progress Claim and a few others as stated in my documentation. active contribution from this community will help this Adempiere construction growth faster


Name: Girish Ogirala

I have beean a great fan of Opensource since last 7 years. I have been researching opensource programs since long time now. In the recent past I have done lot of comparitive studies in various open source offerings in ERP area. I have worked in SAP since last 15 years. With all my experience and exposure to ERP are, I finally figured out that Adempiere has most promising features than any other open source ERP application out there. I developed passion on Adempiere since its inception in Sep 2006. After attending the IDALICA conference that just ended and meeting the incredible professionals that are working on this project, I am so inspired to contribute as much as possible as I can to this project. I would be delighted if I can be a part of this great team to work on this project. We also have number of additional resources that we can offer to sponsor any features or functions in Adempiere. Please revert back to me if you have any questions or suggestions.

Thank you and looking forward to working with you soon. GO. Chicago, IL USA.

Welcome and thank you for joining! - Red1 10:35, 17 November 2007 (EST)

Name: Reda Sultan
Email: [1]
SF user ID:  [2]
Name your of company and URL
Saudi Aramco SABIC PETRORabigh
Why you wish participate?
       Share my experience with the world.
       Contribute in Business functionality specially in Quality Management

What is the Collaboration Role you are interested?
	Business process functionality  contribution 
	Functional test 
	Bug report 
What is the module you are interested in test? 
	Quality Management

 --Reda 02:42, 13 December 2007 (EST)

1st Quarter 2008

Robert, Texas I am the owner/operator of a manufacturing company that manufactures a product that requires a lot of tracability for transportation.I have worked with other products that have given me tracability but I needed something a little more professional. I think this is the application for my company. I hope my work with previous implementations of Oracle Applications and other ERP applications will help me with this. I have the database, server and applicaiton running. Now it's time to set up the application. Many thanks to all the contributors. I would never be able to afford this much functionality on the budget my start-up has for IT applications.

Kiloph, Vietnam I am an Business IT Integration of a Outsourcing Company based on VietNam. I have myself a plan to develop an ERP system for SMB and ADempiere are actually interested me. Should you think favourably of my application, kindly grant me as an contributor.

Welcome Kiloph! Please send in your contribution through the SourceForge Trackers. You can ask for help on how to go about there too. Once you have contributed usually other developers can nominate your application. Thanks! - Red1 06:25, 11 May 2008 (EDT)

2nd Quarter 2008

Iveen, Guatemala I am the IT Director of a company based in the U.S., we have there store locations to sell uniforms, which are manufactured in our facility in Guatemala, we have the whole production process, and I am interested in becoming a contributor, I have noticed that there are no companies that support ADempiere in Guatemala, and I think that it can be developed here, with some customizations in order to comply with local legislation. How can I be added as a contributor ?

Hi Iveen! Same answer as above. You can also put your company or contact info in the World Directory page. Thanks! - Red1 06:25, 11 May 2008 (EDT)

3rd Quarter 2008

izamryan I am a Chartered Accountant by training and qualification, and a self-taught Open Source user. I work for a Bruneian company that specialises in delivering enterprise IT solutions. You can see my blog and my LinkedIn profile. I am now getting started with the ADempiere community, having met Red1 here in Brunei. I look forward to contributing to the ADempiere project!

Welcome to Hotel California, where lunches are free and bikinis are pretty, oops, sorry wrong keyboard, hehe... marhaban Pg Izam! Very happy that u made it. C U in California! - Red1 19:07, 21 August 2008 (EDT)

1st Quarter 2009

alpohl I've been working for big enterprises for the past 15 years, coming from an auditing organization based in Germany with many international clients. Since 10 years I'm operating my own management boutique consultancy, spanning many sectors and regions, working mostly for large accounts. That was possible, because the focus was on accounting and controlling/finance departments and international management. In this environment it's not about sector specific know-how, it's more about figures and how to streamline the organization. During these assignments we had to use data from diverse ERP systems, to integrate them with the BI technology in use, so I came across Compiere and later on Adempiere a while ago, because there was all the time a need for a consolidation for the ERP systems in place in these multi site organizations. Often they run in trouble because they couldn't roll-out their global SAP or Oracle Financials implementation to all their existing subsidiraies. Too complex, too expensive .... So I was wondering all the time, why not implementing Adempiere? But there are still many issues to solve, specifically for the German market. German accountants are used to an other methology and view. I think that would be my part of the game. I would like to start with minor modifications in the GL environment and integrat/adopt our Open Source based BI Framework OSBIF, branded and distributed by myBiQ [3]. More about my background - I'm from my profile probably not the developer, I'm sourcing implementation work to developers - can be found at xing [4], Linkedin [5].

Halo and welcome Mr. Pohl. Since you are in Germany you can also contact with our German Community Meeting. - Red1 00:18, 1 February 2009 (EST)

Name: K. Hee (from Singapore and Malaysia)

My academic qualifications are in Accounting, Finance and Information Systems Security. My areas of experience are accounting, auditing, consulting, process re-engineering, I.T. security, project management, software selection, software implementation and running a software company (which is hard). Industry knowledge - banking, oil & gas, distribution, plantations (in Msia) etc. My interest is to find out more on how this community works. If I can contribute in anyway, pls let me know.

Welcome... its nice to have met you also :) - Red1 22:22, 4 February 2009 (EST)

Name: Ries Bouwman (Graz, Austria, Friday 13 March 2009)

Hi, as a mining engineer and physisist, I am both a newbee to large financial projects as well as adempiere itself. I have been following the progress of this magnificant software package on the side, but now that I am starting up my own business, I feel it is time to actually start working hard with adempiere. Still have some difficulties installing it all (could be a windos 64bit thingy?), but I am sure that with a community this large, I will be up and runniong in no time. I hope I can contribute, even as a non-hard-core programmer...

Name: Sri Ram , Country : India

I am student from India and I contributed to many Open Source Projects. I have knowledge in PHP, Java and Mysql. I would be very happy to work with Adempiere Project. Thank You Very Much! Red1...

Name: Le Thanh Cong, Vietsourcing. Country: Vietnam

Hi, I have been 'watching' Adempiere project since the start date and now I would like to participate in the project. My experience include auditing, business consulting, process reeginneering, project management, software selection, implementation. I have consulting experience in various software such as ACCPAC, Exact, Solomon, Oracle, SAP (I am a certified SAP M/M consultant), HansaWorld. I am an CPA and a CFA Level 2 candidate. I hope I can contribute to the project. Firstly I would like to start our company contribution to localize Adempiere for Vietnamese users. Tks.

2nd Quarter 2009

Name: M. Fauzilkamil Zainuddin , Country: Malaysia

Hi, I'm a Software Engineer. I recently know about ADempiere from red1 via community. I would like to learn more and contribute to this project.

Name: Satyaakam Goswami , Country: India
Nick: satyag mostly hangs out on freenode in #linux-india,#adempiere #indlinux,#gcc,#wordpress
My : Professional Profile
Blog :
Follow me :

I was searching for a Business application to offer to Enterprise Customers, Adempiere seems to fall in that bracket , was more convinced about
Adempiere when i met User:red1 and heard about his plans to expand in this part of the World , to begin with i have started contributing to
Installer and Geocoding for Adempiere my all contributions are listed here Contributions. Hope to see you in flesh and blood and as well as work on some interesting projects.

--Satyag 01:59, 1 May 2009 (PDT)

Name: Graham Loosley, Country: UK
My : Professional Profile
Business : Web Site
Blog :

I'm a UK qualified accountant and ERP Consultant.
I have some history with *mpiere: I attended Compiere Inc training in USA, went to Compiere and European Compiere Association meetings in Brussels and Paris and ran some Compiere implementations in the UK from about 2003 to 2007, partnering with Tenth Planet from India for developer resource.
I've spent the last three years away from *mpiere working with commercial ERPs, most recently with Sage Line 500 and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Commercial products like NAV have good feature sets and are customisable but there are initial licences and annual fees to pay and the strategic direction of the product is not directly controlled by the businesses that run it or the developers and consultants who work with it.
I'm interested to see where Adempiere has got to so I'm planning on attending the Berlin meeting in June.

--Graham Loosley 11:08, 16 May 2009 (GMT)

Name: Alex Lee (李世淵;Lee, Shih-yuan) From:Taiwan
My Blog: Alex's Blog in Traditional Chinese
Site about ADempiere:Taiwan ADempiere Community Web Site Under Construction

I have been working with Compiere as an ERP Consultant since 2006, and ADempiere since 2008 .I also am a part-time lecture teaching Systems Analysis & Design for the Global Enterprise in the college and writing a book about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using Adempiere/Compiere in Traditional Chinese.

3rd Quarter 2009

Name: Pablo Yapur
Country: Uruguay
Company: Netdata

I've been working in the IT business for 5 years as part of a company specialized in giving IT support to medium sized enterprises. It is in our interest to deliver an ERP solution to our customers.

Since some time we have been studying the viability of an Adempiere based solution, and we have started to work on the localization for Uruguay in collaboration with Adempiere consultants from Argentina.
We are excited with the project and looking forward to be part of the community

Name: Peter Martens Country: Netherlands Company: ForceLink (

My company produces instrumented treadmills and software for rehabilitation and gait research (biomechanics). I am looking for a better opensource ERP solution (than I have now) which includes manufacturing and I have seen Adempiere grow rapidly into a great solution in the past years. So now I am looking for people who want to help in the localisation of Adempiere for the Netherlands and the Dutch language. Anybody have any info?

Name: Martin Reboledo
Country: Uruguay
Company: Netdata

Hello, My name is Martin Reboledo and ive been a developer for as long as i can remember. Currently working in developing Adempiere as an open source business solution for uruguayan companies.

4th Quarter 2009

Name: Mohd Murtadha Mohamad, MALAYSIA

HI! I am a lecturer in the local university (UTM). I just heard about the ADempiere two days ago. However this project has open widely my eyes on how Open Source community contribute to the world. I am willing to learn and contribute too.

Adempiere for Kenya

Am wilson kerebei of InterPay Ltd - Kenya.

We are very exited about the developments going on on the portal and all the contributions. They are very informative and we look forward to making our contribution soon.

Name: Joseph Mathew Country: India Company: DPS Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. We had been promoting our own ERP frame work, with Spring, Java, Hibernate, PostgreSQL and Adobe Flex. We liked the good performance with Flex (probably ideal for AVA). We had built a FA and Payroll System(suitable for Indin companies). Now we have decided to work and contribute with our Java team and Functional experts and promote Adempiere. We used Centos 5.3 and Glassfish for Server and Ubuntu 9.10 to power the LTSP for the large pool of Thin Clients. We would like to contribute in the following manner: 1. Payroll system as add on to the Adempiere HR 2. Contribute to testing, deployment on Glassfish and documentation. 3. Developing add on modules - Warehouse Management, Rule Engine. 4. Develop training for young Engineers based on Adempiere. Appreciate guidance on where to start - started reading Red1 books! Thanks for the good writing

Name: Dragan Stojkovic

Country: Switzerland

Hi, I'm a project manager working for a global enterprise in power and automation technologies. We are using SAP and I'm the application Owner (responsible person) for our local Business Unit. It does not mean, that I'm deeply familiar with it :-) It just means, that I'm responsible for it ... sounds lot of fun. I've experience in SAP Roles and Authorizations and was during the last 3 years responsible for UAM, SOX and SoD for our local Business Unit. I'm very interesting in Adempiere and Open Source ERP Sytems. I've tried some other OSS ERPs but was very impressed of the functionalities of ADempiere. So I deside to learn and help getting this project further. Actually, I finished the advanced technical college in IT and was able to do some Java Code during the colleage. Right now I'm trying to get more deeply into it.

Name  : Braulio Omar García Méndez

Country : México

Hi, i am working with SAP 4.7 since 6 years ago and keep going. By now i have experience with Basis (Basis activities, Auth and roles, fixing issues, installing systems, etc), some ABAP, and customizing modules like MM, FI, SD. On the other hand, since the last year i am working with a new rol in the company, as the internal SAP consultant, so my knowledge about business process is growing too.

One project i am working on by now is documenting all the business processes and recording interactive content for all the transactions of the modules that are implemented in the company (MM, SD, FI, CO, LES-TR, QM, PM, PP) so finally i am understanding the whole picture: technically, functionally (customizing, user perspective) and the relationship between the entities and process involved (Purchasing, MRP, Sales, production orders, costing, maintenance, quality inspections, financial info, etc.)

With all this i know by now that i am ready to continue one personal project i had in the past, that is helping small and medium companies to find solutions and help to implementing it on their business process. Since i have more than 15 years experience programing small apps i was thinking that building a whole ERP should be a good idea, but now i know how huge this project could be. Luckily i found Adempiere and i think it could be one way of made it.

I will be very glad to contribuite in some way to make this project bigger and mainly contribute to spread it on one first step in my country. I will appreciate advice on:

  • How to start
  • If there is some official technical and functional courses for start
  • If there is some kind of fee to start distributing Adempiere
  • If i have to contact someone first
  • How to be some kind of official channel to distribute

best regards,

Braulio Omar García Méndez.

1st Quarter 2010

Syed Zuhdi Syed Salim Jamalullail

From Malaysia; Software Engineer; I would like to learn more and contribute to this project. I would like to contribute in the following manner:

  • Contribute to testing, deployment on Glassfish and documentation
  • Posterita development
  • Develop training for young Engineers based on Adempiere

Now, started reading Red1 books.Thanks for the good writing. Contact :

4th Quarter 2010

Name: Javier Perez Villamizar

Last day of Dec 2010

Country: Colombia

Hi i'm a passionate software engineer at SET SOFTWARE; we want to learn everything we can about ADempiere and give our energy to this exciting project.


1st Quarter 2011

Name: Nil Mekki

Country: France

Hi, 1st of all, I would like to congratulate all the community for this fantastic work. I am an Electronic and computering engineer specialized in AI. Besides our main projects, during the last 10 years I have used and/or implemented various ERP/CRM.. like SAP and Navision (now Dynamics). During the last year, for some afiliates companies of Our Holding, we selected Adempiere, firstly for testing and now we start a 1st deployment (as it perfectly answers to our needs : ERP / SRM / Stock Management / Web Store ... ). I am available to help develop this project in France.



3rd Quarter 2012

Name: Mahmood Al Halwachi

Country: Bahrain





We are group of hard believer on open source solutions.

We are trying to distribute the culture of open source technologies over the Arabian Gulf countries (KSA, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Oman)

working to introduce deep manufacturing module MES (Manufacturing Execution System) in Adempiere.


1st Quarter 2013

Hola a tod@s

Soy consultor en tecnologías de información enfocado en las áreas de ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, Proyectos, interesado y usando desde hace varios años en todo lo que tenga que ver con Software Libre y Open-Source, trabajando en algunos emprendimientos para la producción de programas y servicios que pretenden ser innovadores y crear beneficios para quienes los usen.

Hello to everyone I am a consultant in information technology focused in the areas of ERP, CRM, BI, BPM, Projects, interested and using for several years in everything that has to do with Free Software and Open Source, working on some projects for the production of programs and services that aim to be innovative and create benefits for those who use them.

Name/Nombre: Félix Bolívar

Country/País: Venezuela

Company/Empresa: Synergix Solutions

Site/Página web:


e-mail/correo-e: e-mail/correo-e:

2nd Quarter 2013


Hello to everyone

I am an implementer of ERP, CRM and many large customized systems for various kind of industries. Quite experienced in Oracle Apps and Microsoft Dynamics.

Now devoted to adempiere and had many successful implementation of compiere/adempiere in India/USA/Germany.

I am also a contributor to adempiere wiki on many topics including Indian Taxation (VAT/Excise/Service Tax).

I am also a member of functional committee.

Please feel free to get in touch with me.

Name: Anuj Agarwal

Country: India

Company: Aditi Business Solutions

web site:


twitter: @powermatrix

2nd Quarter 2014

Name: Stuart Gathman From: UNITED STATES

I am working on improving the EDI support in Adempiere. It took 6 months to get up to speed, but I have now been putting some improvements (segment reordering) into production for EDILoader. For transport (what Adempiere calls "processor"), AS2 is in big demand. Integrating OpenAS2 would be a great feature. In addition, a "File" transport that just grabs files from a directory / puts files into a directory would be flexible. Currently, I use FTP*Processor to make a local ftp server do that, and implement the Amazon web service transport in python. In fact, I could argue that *all* transport should be external, and a File*Processor the only one included. Stuart Gathman 21:03, 10 April 2014 (UTC)