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What has I been doing for a long time?

I was working in IT field for a sum of 10 years now. My role range from being a developer, system analyst, presales, project manager, service department head and even sometime as human resource manager. The company selling custom development projects, enterprise solution such as EAM, ECM, ERP and etc.

So, although I was a serious developer before (mostly .NET and slightly Java), I wasn’t in the role of doing it for a very long time. At least 3 - 4 years for which my most important pieces of software are Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint :_<.

Lately, I found myself asking the question "What am I doing here?". One factor that is always hard is the push for revenue number, from both the cooperate side and the sofware vendor side. This make IT project always price over value and even so, not easy to be successful. And as such, rich customer are preferred to the good one.

What am I trying to do now?

I quit from the company and was trying to find something to do that make more sense. This year, I was invited by a firend to help in a project for his factory which will be using ADempiere. Many of the Asian SMEs always have need to good system to be more competitive, but it was never possible with proprietary software. This project has really introduced me to the world of Open Source, where it was always a myth to me.

As ADempiere, Open Source for Business seem to be where the return for the soceity and personal interest can be met, and I hope this is where the new chapter begins. :)

Where am I?