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This Wiki is read-only for reference purposes to avoid broken links.


  • In Production for our(www.arhipac.ro) private branch
  • In Integration Process to ADempiere trunk (MORE HELP REALLY NEEDED!!!)


  • Migration of Fixed Asset (origin developed by Robert Klein) to curent trunk
  • Stabilizing Fixed Asset
  • Extension of Fixed Asset and Depeciation
  • Implementation of local Fixed Asset requirements


First aim: Extension and Stabilisation of Fixed Asset Functionality - origin developed by Robert Klein - against current trunk.

Second aim: Implementation of local requirements for Fixed Asset.

Project Team

Project Lead

Teo Sarca, www.arhipac.ro

Functional Design

  • Kai Schaeffer (Schaffer AG)
  • Mark Ostermann (metas GmbH)
  • Victor Perez (e-Evolution)
  • Mario Calderon (Westfalia)




  • Fixed Assets User Manual
(Romanian) - File:FA Manual ro.doc
(English draft) -File:FA Manual en.odt
(English draft) -File:FA Manual en.doc


Others are welcome.