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How did the ADempiere story really started? Here Red1 tries to recap the sequence of events in history based on documents. The author does not indulge in the analysis further from that. This is meant to be a historical reference for academic research.

Started With Emails

Victor Perez calls for action

  • Date/Time: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 22:00:54 -0500
  • Email sent to: trifonnt@yahoo.com, mar9000@gmail.com, lombardo@mayking.com, red1@red1.org, robeklein@gmail.com, zpshen@gmail.com, carlos.ruiz@globalqss.com, alejandro.falcone@gmail.com, fernando.jimenez@e-evolution.com.mx, miguel.jimenez@e-evolution.com.mx, oscar.gomez@e-evolution.com.mx, lancona@4layer.it, mquezada@bodevidrio.com, ramiro.vergara@ofbconsulting.com

Hi Guys!

  • My name is Victor Perez, I am CEO of e-Evolution,S.C., The reason of this e-mail and attachment file is to share dream with you and invite you to be part of it.
  • My dream is to create a System ERP CRM SCM for and owned by the comunnitty, a System that improves day by day.
  • In my experience, I have been working with Compiere for 5 years. I have gotten many satisfactions, and I have taken advantage of the great job made by Jorg Janke with Compiere
  • With the acquired experience I have a personal dream: to create a project that evolves from Compiere, a project with edge technology where everyone can share their ideas , with license GPL, where the problems of the end users are listened, where I can integrate my job with the job of others, where the requirements of my clients are taken into account, where my clients feel a real support, in summary something to be improved.
  • Is for that reason that I dare to invite everyone interested in this proposal , with a big desire of working and to support this dream together.
  • What do you think ? Any question or suggestion please send it to me.PD: I will appreciate that you keep this document for yourself, until have everybody feedback

Victor Perez Juarez

Red1 undecided

  • I refused to entertain initially and felt that this is mischievaous and a call to fork which wasn't necessary based on the limited information i had - Red1.

Trifon reforwarded Victor's Request

  • Date/Time: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 11:37:09 -0700 (PDT)
  • Trifon repleied to Victor who asked if Red1 received the earlier emails.

Hi Victor,

  • Red1 email is: redhuanoon@yahoo.com..

An impotant reply

  • On 21st August, 2007
  • Victor responded in return below (both emails within)

El lun, 21-08-2006 a las 00:06 -0700, redhuan daniel oon escribió: > Hi Victor, > Thank u for your invitation. I have a few questions > which basically focus on the value of the source codes > offered itself. > > 1) When u say evolve from Compiere, do u mean to fork > of the Compiere project and do we stop and not refer > to it? >

These depends on us but , Yes , the first plan is to make a fork that covers all the needs of the community, which arent of ComPiere 's interest, in the presentation i tried to show these needs.

> 2) Whose base codes shall we use or be refering to? If > its from Compiere, then how do we arrange the > licensing? Wont there be political implications in the > market? i.e. people will know. >

I think that we can have two strategies:

In the First place we can refer that it is based on ComPiere, althouth the changes that i am propousing are very ambicious, this includes in bring the good and bad things that ComPiere already has, i.e. The inestability, the lack of support, the good marketing , the great platform, etc

If the project borns to solve all the issues on compiere and we can achieve this, It is convenient for us to say that this software is based in ComPiere?

> 3) Whats the value adding or fresh valuable codes that > your side or any other can bring to the table? >

Ok, e-evolution will includes in the project all our code which is until now Manufacture (BOM,Wokflow & Routing,Manufacturing Order, MRP, CRP, Shop floor) , Human Resources & Payroll, Cash Flow ,PostgreSQL port. y suppose that we can integrate too the fixed Assets project from Rob and the work that another people wants to integrate to the project.

Aditionaly we will start the changes propoused in the document i sent you.

> 4) I generally analyse any proposal into three areas > within the project: > a) Source codes part > b) Service to users part > c) Community part > I think they must be treated separately. As they are > large different issues and not easily tackled even > separately. > > About community-wise, why not u introduce this openly > and let it evolve naturally? >

Exactly i thinkthat this has to evolve naturally, but it should have a better impact if the community leaders are involved in the project.

We will have to start a well defined goal and road map.

Before we officially start with this project, I want to create a strong community group, my intention is not to have a project like JazzERP or Open Bravo which arent , from my point of view, apporting to much with their fork.

> I think what Jorg Janke did was he got already his own > set of completed high value codes and he gave it > openly to spark it off. I have to think of whether > this new proposal will stand to compete with that or > whats different with it?

Exactly Jorg has a high value code, the reason to use ComPiere is to take a good phrase that a migted sitted over a giant shoulders can see farest than the giant.

In summary what i am propousing in the document are very specific improvements, all this issues were very recurrents among the users and my customers that are working with compiere right now, ComPiere doesnt have this kind of feedback because they doesnt provide first level support.

Antoher crucial difference is to mantain a 100% open source project, having knowledge that ComPiere is going to change their business model , and there will be several versions, Compiere GPL, Compiere Light and Compiere Enterprise.

Regards Victor Perez CEO e-Evolution,S.C. www.e-evolution.com skype: vpj-cd

> No doubt that Compiere has its weaknesses in the other > 2 parts as everyone including u state so, but the > anchor is still the codes. The rest seems to be > downstream effort which i have been doing successfully > in my own way, and others also harped in to fill in > the gaps. Anyway I am most willing to explore new > grounds and apply it again to other project if that > first part of codes is of high value.

> > Best Regards > red1