FT/TT meeting minutes Jan 20th 2011

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Date: 20.01.2011


  • Mario Calderón
  • Mark Ostermann
  • Teo Sarca
  • Tobias Schoeneberg
  • Trifon Trifonov
  • Victor Perez Juarez

Meeting minutes

  • Mercurial repositories layout and naming conventions:
    • RESOLUTION: voting postponed for next meeting until we do more research
    • following options were discussed & evaluated:
      • adempiere: having one repository for adempiere, have one repository for adempiere and version, having one big repository for whole project and using sub-repositories
      • contribution projects: having one repository per contributor and project, having one repository per contributor, including in a big repository per project
      • contributoion projects naming conventions: project/repository should be prefixed/postfixed with contributing company name
  • Cleaning up HG folder:
    • RESOLUTION: old and experimental dead repositories and projects will be deleted
  • Anouncement/Request for contributions
    • Aims:
      • announce again the new contributing procedure
      • call for contributors
      • establishing the roadmap for the next release