FT/TT meeting minutes Feb 10th 2011

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  1. General:
    • Moderator: Karsten
    • Participants: Ramiro, Teo, Mark, Tobias, Karsten, Mario, Victor
    • Missing: Kai, Michael, Paul, Trifon
  2. Mercurial direcories (from last week)
    • Change names of existing repositories according to naming conventions
    • Publish the naming conventions in the forums
  3. Test framework
    • The POCs / Frameworks are still in the evaluation phase
    • Patch and feature integration will start nevertheless
  4. Integration of Bug Fixes and review of new functionality
    • Bug Fixes were reviewed by Victor
    • New features will be reviewed and tested in 2 person teams
  5. Migration Tool
    • Will be reviewed by Karsten and Teo
  6. Next meting
    • We will meet next on Thursday, February 17th, 2011 at the same time (15:00 hours GMT)
    • Mario will moderate the next Meeting