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Commercial Support

Click this World-wide Directory listing of everyone connected to ADempiere be they consultants, developers, implementors or companies wishing to provide related services shall be an ongoing project to categorize and rate them. For end users or prospects you may access those listed or refer to the ADempiere Business Development Committee (BDC) to recommend the best course of action for your needs.

Conditions of Participation

Efficient and qualified ADempiere Partners who wished to provide services to users using ADempiere products are subjected to the following:

  • Maintain their own listing in ADempiereWiki
    • Provide truthful and fair information about their services
    • Allow truthful remarks and ratings of their performances
  • Optionally obtain master ratings by:
    • contributing commercial modules and subject matter white papers to the bazaar
    • undergoing certification programmes sanctioned by the Bazaar
    • participating in bazaar activity

Ratings Scheme

There are various rating schemas proposed. Please use the discussion tab above to discuss more.

  • Blog-style comments
  • style reviews

Institutional Support

Based on ADempiere's Project Charter of community spirit, free costs and championing of a strong future and roadmap, we are establishing formal institutions to assist in the world-wide liason and support as expected of a world-class application. These institutions are non-profit and non-competing but facilitative of partners in conducting their businesses while supporting ADempiere world-wide.

ADempiere Foundations

We intend to form strong foundations in separate continents catering to different cultures:

  • Europe
  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Middle East
  • Africa

USA Incorporations

We have formed two incs in US for Corporate America needs.

  • ADempiere Inc to be a non-profit custodian of copyright and official issues not related to commercial but protective of the commercial interests of the bazaar.
  • ADempiere Business Inc to be a utility facilitator conducting activities to nurture the proliferation of Business Partners globally and on a non-competing basis. It may conduct back-room support and bridging acts to get deals going but often passing to qualified partners. It can earn business commissions to sustain itself. It most likely do activities that partners will normally find not interesting or profitable to do but is necessary.

The ADempiere Institute

  • To institutionalised the certification of training materials and development of human resource for Open Source ERP based on ADempiere.
  • Preliminarily Red1 is pursuing this in Malaysia via governmental grants.

Language Specific Support

See Also

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