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Whenever you have a message for me pls drop it here also. Otherwise I will miss it in the jungle of information!! Thanks for the note in TOC discussion page. I now changed it to ManPageW_ReportProcess. Whenever such stupid action happens from my side, please change directly. -- Sarafudheen 07:37, 23 December 2010 (UTC):

OK, I see. It is great of your contribution on ADempmiere documentation. --Peanut Blake. 08:37, 24 December 2010.

Hi Cozy, I am also concern about the permission you got. I contacted the author and the publisher on DEC 2009, talking about the permission of translating the book to Chinese and putting it in wiki pages. The answers I got is NO. You mentioned - "I wanted to put the summary of the translation on Web", It permitted it from him before.. But your translation is not summary, it is quite detail now. So I would suggest you give enough credit for the book. --Peanut Blake 4 January 2011.

Hi Peanutblake,I'm cozy.I am not good at writing English.
It seems that even where is summary it is done by the judgment. Please erase it because it is a promised violation if it was judged that it translated.
>So I would suggest you give enough credit for the book.
The meaning of this sentence is not understood well. The name of the book is described on the page that I summarized.Or, does it have to be published the following?"Mr. Bayu Cahya Pamungkas has the copyright on this page."
Please let me make an excuse at the end.
The one to purchase a book by the favor that writes this wiki has increased though it is not bought very much in Japan because it is a foreign book. This book is actually recommended to the person met with adempiere.
It troubled you. It will go also to the author to apologize later.--cozy 2011/1/4