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Michael McKay
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I'm a professional general manager with experience in government and industry. I've been the CEO of three corporations including for-profit and not-for-profit and enjoy helping organizations improve their performance through smart improvements to business processes. As a general manager, I have experience in dealing with the high-level issues facing corporations in areas of strategy, finance, HR, R&D, marketing, operations and stakeholder relations.

ERP Services

  • ADempiere advice and assistance
  • Basic ADempiere training and support
  • Implementation planning and support
  • Business architecture and business process improvement
  • Customization services for ADempiere - definition, planning, development, testing
  • Automated system testing
  • Full implementation support including planning, change management, project management, customization and training
  • Turn-key cloud-based implementation of ADempiere: a full implementation including off-site hosting and IT support

Contact me at michael dot mckay at sympatico dot ca.

ADempiere Implementation Examples

Ottawa Flight College/Ottawa Flying Club.

ADempiere replaced a collection of software used to manage the booking system, POS and accounting functions. These legacy systems did not talk to each other and required hand transcription from one to the other. Management information was dispersed across the systems and very difficult to access. ADempiere has fixed all of these issues. It has improved the efficiency of the organization substantially while also increasing the accuracy of management and performance related information. Manual process have been replaced with automation that improves speed and accuracy - allowing staff to focus on customers, not data entry. Complex business logic was implemented to provide reports for regulatory compliance and customer frustration was reduced by the provision of accurate tax forms. For example, through simple customizations it was possible to automate the generation of TL11B tax forms which follow very complex rules and interpretations. What used to take staff and customers days of work was replaced by a mouse click.

ADempiere Contributions

  • Documentation - over 2000 edits and new pages
  • Automated testing scripts - Developed the testing framework using Sahi for fully automated web-based testing.
  • Info product form updates - improving the user experience and adding needed functionality
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Facilitating discussions in the community

For fun, I used code_swarm software to put together a short video showing the history of the ADempiere Source Forge Project.

A screen shot from the code_swarm video

Planned Contributions

Sponsored Development: Resource Assignment & Scheduling