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Hey, I moved from here.

Now you can find me better at:


Carlos Ruiz @ Berlin
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Positions held in the project

  • Main maintainer of Branch GlobalQSS 361
  • One of the founders of ADempiere project
  • Initial Council member (as initial council was the group of founders)
  • Former Commit Committee Leader
  • Head of Project Management Committee during the first four years of the project
  • Adempiere Citizen

Some Statistics

  • Up to May-2/2010 - 1330 days = 3.64 years - contributing SINCE DAY ZERO on ADempiere:
    • 3631 forums postings on ADempiere project - 3.06/d - 8.87% of all posts [1]
    • 642 opened trackers - 0.55/d - 13.72% of all trackers [2]
    • 597 assigned (solved) trackers - 0.5/d - 12.75% of all trackers [3]
    • 2233 commits - 1.88/d - 18.29% of all commits [4]
      • Detailed commits -> [5]
    • This passion didn't born with this project:
      • 116 postings in old Compiere forums [6] since NOV-19/2005!

Some Selected Contributions

Contact Details


Quality Systems & Solutions - QSS

Ciudad/City: Bogotá

País/Country: Colombia

Demo site for Localization Colombia