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this is cool feature but i think it would be great if you have a syntax checker for script that user ensures script is ok, using this feature is difficult - Omdip

Some Questions

  • What is meant by those supported events prefixes? It be good to have a simple line sample for each?
  • Can a Script execute a document.completeIt() of a record belonging to another Org? I want to do in the case of a MoveConfirmation to automatically complete the InventoryMove (issued from). I tried to insert a simple <MMovement>move.completeIt(); in the (even though it got true values) but does not work i reckon due to inter-org access control.
After some testing i think its not right to do move.completeIt() within another completeIt(). Perhaps it needs the ModelValidator.


  • I hope to do some real life cases below for others to follow.
  • Creating a new Table Script Validator that will take one of the table field value and update another Table field's value.
    • Just write an 'Update SQL' to do that. How do we pass the Table's value in the first place?
exercises by red1 00:46, 1 April 2010 (PDT)