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Hi Joseph! I just add the link to the Initial Client Setup ( ManPageX_InitialClientSetup#Contributions). There are images there. Regards -- Alejandro - 16:22, 18 Jan. 2006.

HI, I just started learning about ADempiere, and a am a bit of a novice in several respects (ERM, JAVA, LINUX, etc.). My first suggestion is that, at least the first time it appears, every abbreviation is spelled out. For example, "Charter of Accounts (COA)". Even better would be a roll over or link to a pop up box that would have the definition for every instance of the abbreviation, but that seems like a lot of work. Thanks, Mike



We have set up a glossary of all of the abreviations. I know what you are going through with that though and I agree with you. however, with the amount of documents on here, it would probably be best if you searched the glossary for the appropriate information.


Joseph Brower

Client is your organization or Company in ADempiere

The widely held belief is that a client is 'people and organizations that purchase goods and services from me". Business partner: means an individual who is involved, as a partner, with you in a legal general partnership and shares in the management of the business.

For those that use are as confused as I am:

Client in ADempiere = your Organization

Organization in ADempiere = your Organizational Unit

Partner is ADempiere = Customer, Employee, Supplier

Perhaps we need a transformation table common business terms -> ADempiere business terms

Business Partner A business partner is more than a Customer. It is potentially also a supplier, service provider or even an employee. In most application if you have a Customer who is also a supplier you must create two records ... one as a customer and one as a Supplier. As a BusinessPartner they can be any and all .. all at the same time. If you do not like the term it easy to change via the Application Dictionary. ditto for client. --Croo 12:34, 23 March 2007 (EDT)


When I explain the concept of Client in ADempiere, I always use the terminology World instead, I think it gets the message across better. Things that are in different worlds cannot communicate.

Fredtsang 12:41, 23 March 2007 (EDT)

Hi mmm . thanks for that key piece of information. I share with you the following with you getting the message across better:

According to this legend, Sun-Tzu was already an accomplished military scholar when he was interviewed by King Ho-lú. Asked to give a demonstration of his theories, Sun-Tzu created two company formations out of 300 of the king's concubines, appointing two of the king's favorites as company commanders. He equipped them with weapons and armor, explained and demonstrated a set of drill movements, and ordered them to perform the drill. The concubines laughed at the order. Patiently, Sun-Tzu repeated his explanation and demonstration, and again gave the order. Again, the concubines laughed.

Sun-Tzu remarked:

If the instructions are not clear, if the orders are not obeyed, it is the fault of the general.

Is ADempiere is multistore(location0

How can I connect multi-location(every POS) without internet connection.

How can we define the purpose of this manual?

We're wanting to help the community write a complete manual for ADempiere and contribute it to the project. We need to have everyone's help in knowing what the long term goal should be for this documentation. Currently we are working on a process to make the documentation effort more coordinated and organized and will be posting that to the wiki once we've finished cleaning it up a bit. If everyone could answer the initial question (How can we define the purpose of this manual?) so we know how to best organize this endeavour we would really appreciate it. We've looked through some of the documentation and can tell that many hours have already been put towards this same type of project. Hopefully we can help the documentation mature and reach fruition. - Npsglobal

Hi, I have to thank yourselves for that nice skype session the other week arranged by Joe Brower over this matter. And here u are! :-)..( I have helped u signed which u can do by typing '~~~' and it will come out as your sign-in above. My first quickie lesson to you so now u owe me 2 dimes in our contributor checking account! :-) << just joking >> )
  • About your question, haha, on a sidenote, its just typical of any bazaar, chaos reign and lo and behold, volunteers come forth to sort out the mass. How can we define the purpose of this manual?. Been no expert, i guess, i would suggest that we look at defining who the audience might be. Usually its Functional besides Technical - with Functional strongly lacking. We do have functionals here and there, but they re not in one place nor structured in a single tone. I guess that tone should be dumb and dumber. For a start, you have done swell by (a) coming in with a natural voice, (b) writing openly and succintly about contributing,(c) awaiting iterations. Meaning that it is a whole bazaar process to it, or u can do it the professorily way (not knowing what i mean by that, since i have never been a professor) of writing it first and then publishing it without consulting with the students. I would suggest to start more longer iterations in the SourceForge community forums as it triggers emails to many readers for more participation, but at the moment this place is more than comfortable for many of us hardcore visitors who happens to be equally concerned with the documentation topic as you folks are. - Red1 20:41, 3 January 2008 (EST) < (did this with a 4 '~')
Red1 - It turns out that we appear to be on the same page. We will be posting a pdf soon and and we've worked out many of these things that you mentioned in your response. We will post our proposed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) or documentation project plan shortly as a pdf document. Npsglobal 20:26, 4 January 2008 (EST) <- Thanks for showing us how to do this.
Second tip is to add successive (colons) ::: to indent and give an impression that you are replying to the post above you. Back to the topic about purpose which pertains to the audience, i get the feeling that users are now coming from a lower bar of entry so to speak. Previously ERP is the domain of production experts and accountants, but now no longer and even mom and pop stores are downloading the action. Thus the documentation to serve such an audience has to be as simple as how to operate your everyday TV or mobile phone. They may not even care about how things work as long as they work intuitively. This is an equal challenge to our own interface design and help screen support (which still need some continous work). Blah.. you guys probably know this already. - Red1 04:41, 5 January 2008 (EST)
We've uploaded our pdf document. It can be found here . Before we can begin writing good documentation, we need to create a blueprint for it. To do this, we first need to define and design the manual and the process for creating it. This requires that the community answer four primary questions as indicated at the beginning of the pdf document. But for the people that don't want to download it, here's the summary. We need to know what, who, why, and how. Please respond on the new page titled Documentation Blueprint.Npsglobal 21:50, 15 January 2008 (EST)