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Implementation Talk

The idea is good but the proposed implementation is weak.

  • "Footer" & "Header" field group type - I think it is confusing to use field group type for this, it can be implemented using just a flag instead. It is also confusing that this is ignore in single record view.
  • It sounds unnecessary that user have to set each button to appear in the header or footer section, it make sense to display all button available in grid view as a toolbar for the grid without having the user/developer to do anything extra. For batch mode, you will have to handle the complications where only a subset of the actions can be apply to all the selected records.
  • The selected logic can be implemented without adding a new columns to all the table - that's just too much work to be a practical solution. Also, the common approach to select all is to render the checkbox in the column header. Inverted selection is nice but rarely needed and I think we should just ignore that to keep things simple.

Hengsin 20:30, 28 April 2009 (PDT)

Hello Hengsin!

  • My Point here is not about the fields (is "Select All", "Unselect All", "Invert Selection" ). It is about having a way so we could add implementations such as Wizard buttons in window.In a way that the windows will look more user friendly to the user, since each Implementor could put "Action Buttons" which they think will be needed aside from the standard Toolbar menu .We could expand this more such as displaying the summary of the Selected Records at the bottom of the window, or summary of the total records as well.
  • With Regards about the "Footer" and "Header" field group type, We could change it to other name, and the flag implementation is a good suggestion where in, in the "Widow Tab & Field" > "Field" Tab, we could just tick checkboxes (ie Display at the bottom, Display at the top ).
The selected logic can be implemented without adding a new columns to all the table - that's just too much work to be a practical solution.
  • Yeah, We could adjust the codes for this one to automatically add this column to the table, when there is at least one field that is specified to "Summary Field".
  • Anyways, there are still a lot of possibilities that this could be useful, one example is the "Multiple Records Delete" in the standard toolbar menu, which is not so logical.
  • Example window that I've found this feature useful is the "Application Packaging" > Pack-out, which We could create two buttons ("Back" and "Next") at the lower part of the window. Assuming we are on the first tab of "Pack-out" window and have filled out the required fields, when "Next" button will be click it will open the next tab. If the user click on the button once again without filling at least one record, the Attached Callout to the button will prompt an Alert Message saying that it should have at least one package module to pack-out. In fact this easy very flexible since the we are just utilizing the callouts here.

--Ivanceras 21:02, 28 April 2009 (PDT)

Idea Talk

  • As Icanceras demonstrated, the idea is a good example of how versatile the AD model can become. The amazing there seems to be that no sourcecode change is needed. All logic can be achieved via scripts in metadata form. This also shows how JSR223 stub by Carlos/Victor/Heng Sin is fully exploited.
    • About this example looks raw as (if i m not mistaken) it seems each AD_table needs to be extended for such check buttons to work. I thought doing it at a more core level in the AD code may save all this. But again this gives ideas - perhaps this can be done more abstractly also. Certainly an eye opener to the possibilities - Red1 15:39, 1 May 2009 (PDT)