TT meeting minutes Sep 14th 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Karsten
    • Participants: Karsten, Teo, Tobias, Victor, Kitti.
  2. New TT members
  3. Sahi test setup, eclipse plugin and naming conventions
    • Create a wiki page with installation and setup tips for the eclipse JSDT/WTP plugin as our default sahi editor.
    • Add a new directory named ' test-suite' to the ADempiere trunk for all sahi tests. We still need to discuss the naming conventions and structure for tests, functions etc.
    • We need to change the ZK element id generation. It should use the combination of <AD_Column.ColumnName>_<AD_Field_ID> as element ids.
  4. Hg flow
    • Tobias reported (and solved) some problems with hg flow on windows: here
    • Victor reported some issues with mac OS Lion and mercurial 9 (but 1.8.4 works)
    • Since there are workarrounds for all known problems the TT decided to stick with hg flow
  5. Feature collaboration (existing patches and features)
    • Kitti will start a forum thread to collect more information about existing features and enhancements in our wiki (Feature_Development_Collaboration)
    • Functional and technical teams will review the features to decide which should be included into our next ADempiere version(s)
  6. Misc
    • Discussion about patches for old 3.6 version. TT can not guarantee to provide every 3.7 bugfix for 3.6. In future bugfix commits need to be atomic to make it easier to move them backward.