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DesignIcon.jpg Designer: Victor Perez.
Email.jpg Contact Sponsor e-mail: [victor.perez@e-evolution.com].
Develop.png Developer: [Victor Perez].
Sponsor smily.png Sponsor: e-Evolution,SC, located in Mexico, Equador and Venezuela.

This is to introduce Libero's Smart Browse functionality for integrating into ADempiere ERP Business Suite.

The Design Project is based in Unified Process Methodology

Procedure to test using Eclipse

  • 1.- Checkout the source code from SVN
  • 2.- Apply the Script from extension/eevolution/smartbrowser/src/main/script
  • 3.- Modify the adempiereLiberoSB.launch and change your -DPropertyFile= and -DADEMPIERE_HOME= parameter
  • 4.- Start Adempiere using the adempiereLiberoSB.launch file (you need the adempiereTrunk dependences)
  • 5.- Update Role Access
  • 6.- Re login and entry
  • 7.- Now Adempiere show two new option menu View and Smart Browse.


  • Analyst
  • Any Role
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Stakeholder
  • Tester


= Source Code

Currently this extension was integrated into the main development branch and will release in ADempiere 3.8.0

Obsolete code

How to Install?

1.- unzip and apply the migration script for Libero Smart Browser a new ADempiere Instance based on 360TLS


2.- Download the binary liberoSB.jar, liberozkSB.jar , patches.jar and zkpatches.jar files


3.- Open Terminal command 4.- Change the ADempiere Home directory


5.- Copy the liberoSB.jar file to packages directory

   #cp liberoSB.jar $ADEMPIERE_HOME/packages/liberoSB/lib

6.- Copy the liberozkSB.jar file to packages directory

   #cp liberoSB.jar $ADEMPIERE_HOME/zkpackages/liberoSB/lib    

7.- Copy the patches.jar and zkpatches.jar file to lib directory

   #cp patches.jar $ADEMPIERE_HOME/lib

8.- Run ADempiere setup

   #RUN_setup.sh or RUN_silentsetup.sh

9.- Login using System , and execute the System Admin -> General Rules -> Security -> Role Access Update,after you need Login again, now you would see the new option in menu


Develop Vision

Vision Document

Identify Stakeholders Ok

  • End Users
  • Developers

Gain agreement on the problem to be solved

The problem that need be to solve are:

  • Currently the view in ADempiere are maintenance only in database and db/ddlutils it is complex for have all synchronize , the views should be a component the Application Dictionary
  • Currently the information only can be show via special form and limit Info Window the end user need more flexibility to created new views and browse to look the information.

Gather stakeholder requests

  • Optimize of maintenance to ADempiere Views
  • Capability to review and look information based in View
  • Capability to export and import information apply the business rules for each object.
  • Capability to created a Graph in hot based on Smart Browser
  • Capability to save a Graph based on Smart Browser
  • Capability to created Advanced Search
  • Capability to save an Advanced Search

Define the scope of the solution

The first intention of this project is create the basic functionality to solve the main issue first version of this functionality will be:

Second stage

Define features of the system

Achieve concurrence

Capture a common vocabulary

  • Glossary

Identify and Outline Requirements

Detail Use-Case Scenarios

Detail System-Wide Requirements

Application Dictionary Improves

  • Was added new fields that support the creation a new column in table, also allow define the standard Length , Reference , Reference Key.


Table & Column
  • Was added Table Type than intention is implement different table templets
  • When a new table is create now the 7 mandatory field are created
  • When a column is create new callout set the default value from element.
  • Now is allow create index from Application Dictionary


New Application Dictionary Component

  • View window allows you to create dynamic views of information from the dictionary application, These views can be based on tables and views of the dictionary application.


  • In the tab "View Joins' you can add each table and its alias for this view, to define a parent table do not put any value in "Phrase Join "to join several tables you must use the correct SQL sentence for example:
 INNER JOIN M_Product p ON (p.M_Product_ID = ol.M_Product_ID).


  • You can use the "Validate Column" button to generate view´s columns based on information from the application dictionary


[View Video]

Smart Browse
  • Smart Browse creates a quick way to generate a view of information for end users easily and quickly based on a view.


  • You can define for each field will be displayed as the reference , system element , also you can define if the field is used as query criteria and if this is a range of information.


  • The tab field sequence allows you to define fields that will be displayed in Smart Browser and the order they are displayed, you can easily include or exclude


Smart Browser
  • Smart Browser displays the final result set in a Smart Browse, you can view the resulting information as well as the search criteria you defined.


  • if a process was linked to the Smart Browse the parameters of this process are displayed in the Smart Browser, when you press the OK button, the process is executed.
  • This new feature is very useful because it allows you to select multiple records that can be used in conjunction with the selected parameters to execute business logic on the process that was defined

[Smart Browser]

Popup Menu for Lookup Record
  • This new feature allow select the Lookup Record filter saved in any window.