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One of the biggest challenges of any information system is the ease of search and display the information for all transactions generated, maintenance, construction, modification dynamic and simple of browsers information and view are key features for users.

Smart Browser functionality: allows the ability to set search criteria defaults and display logic, display information from dynamically built views and easily without the need of view from database, browsers generate multiple selection of records to be processed by an embedded process. Create browsers information to capture multiple columns of information quickly, create information browsers crosstab columns to edit or display information, export the displayed records to a spreadsheet.



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Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

Functional team

  • Volunteers for analyzing:

Result of review by Mario Calderon, June 14th, 2013

  • Definition in AD
    • Definition of SmartBrowser
      • "Where" condition possible
      • Browser fields sequence out of defined view fields selectable
      • Changing names of browse fields possible
      • Browser fields can be displayable, filters, read-only and/or editable
      • Browser fields reference, validation, etc. as in Adempiere standard
      • Browser fields with display and read-only logic
    • Definition of View
      • Definition of query: access to tables via joins
      • Definition of query: generation of all columns for a query element
      • Definition of query: query depth unlimited
      • Definition of own, calculated columns possible
    • Definition of Process
      • Script or class, as usual in Adempiere. Tested both.
      • Parameters are used and accessible in script/class
      • Parameter definition as usual in Adempiere
    • Execution as user
      • Filters appear as defined in AD, and with the validations, range, etc: works
      • Search delivers result as defined: works
      • Selection and execution of script/class: works
      • Parameters are accessible in script/class: works
      • Edited fields accesible in script/class: works
      • Tested with several tables, depths of inner joins, editing fields: works
      • Export to Excel: works
      • A possibility to select/deselect all records existing: works
      • Possibility of navigating into record of main table: works
      • Tests passed.
    • FR list (nice to haves)
      • Possibility of placing filters and parameters more deterministic. Now, the SB places them somehow.
      • Spurious errors on console (not affecting execution)
        • ===========> AccessSqlParser.getTableInfo: Could not remove ON M_InOutLine iol inner join m_inout io ON iol.m_inout_id = io.m_inout_id inner join m_product p ON iol.m_product_id=p.m_product_id [12]
        • ===========> AccessSqlParser.getTableInfo: Could not remove ON M_InOutLine iol inner join m_inout io ON iol.m_inout_id = io.m_inout_id inner join m_product p ON iol.m_product_id=p.m_product_id [273]
      • When selecting parameters, Smart Browser redraws and repositions itself. If the user changed its size and/or position, seems as if the Smart Browser jumps into the center of the screen.
    • Notes
      • Easy to define and execute
      • Very handy when there is need to do special actions based on eclectic data
      • Can be used for basic reporting, data presentation and also process execution
  • Conclusion: accepted

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