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In the United Kingdom, all of the postcode data is owned and updated by the Royal Mail. You can use any post code to derive the address either to street level or premises level.

For example, if my postcode is SW6 5SF, then this resolves to: 724 Fulham Road, Fulham London. i.e. a unique postal address.

The post codes do change regularly as it is used by postal delivery workers on their delivery route.

The extension we have built, connects to an online database provided and updated by the Royal Mail, and searches using the post code added to the VLocationDialog prompting the user to replace the address if the address is found.

We have to license this from Royal Mail and as such pass it on to you at cost (actually , I think we rounded it up £1 and some pence per user to make it a round number). We can provide you with a demo license if you want to evaluate this and we can license you either street level (cheaper) or premises level (more expensive) data on a per user per annum basis.


  • Investigate supply of information
  • Build database structure (C_Country)
  • Coding
  • Testing & Integration
  • Field Testing
  • Project Contribution


GPL2 - the same as Adempiere.

Project Team


Michael Judd

Functional Specs





  • This functionality is included in Adempiere350

Review and Documentation



  • Pluggable functionality (by Country)
  • Interface to online service
  • Backward compatible


The user enters a new business partner (at point of sale or otherwise) and they want to take the customers address (for marketing or to confirm delivery address). They ask the customer for their post code and the house number, they enter the post code in to the post code / zip box on the VLocationDialog screen and select the correct country (usually default). The online button is enabled (when a plugin has been configured), so the user clicks the "online" button and the system prompts the user to overwrite the existing address (if one exists). This completes the 4 lines of the address and region. If the user has subscribed to premises level data (rather than street level data), then the user will be prompted to select the house number. If not, the user enters the house number and then saves the customers address.


This will:-

  • save you time entering addresses especially at point of sale
  • allow you to validate details provided to you from you Business Partners
  • you can also derive a range of other information from the postcode such as the NHS area, the Voting Area, the Administrative Area, average income, average house price and many other things. Drop us a line if you are interested in more details.



Known Issue

Questions and Answers

Q.1 How do I Demo this Functionality?

We can provide you with a demo login to the system. Royal Mail requires us to track to whom who we provide demo logins so we are unable to post demo account information. Demo accounts are fully functional.

Q.2 How do I License this Functionality?

We liase with Royal Mail for you as they have a special offering for Adempiere. You will need to sign a contact directly with Royal Mail for data licensing and a service provision agreement. Street level data is approximately £150 per user per annum.

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