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in production use


Adaxa Pty Ltd (Paul Bowden)


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User passwords should be stored in a non-recoverable form in case the database is compromised:

Adaxa has implemented password hashing based on the recommendations in

using a random salt and hashing with 1000 rounds of the SHA-512 algorithm.

Pushed to contribution_adaxa

Testing and comments welcomed.

Notes: 1) added column "salt" to ad_user

2) increased length of ad_user.password to 1024 (see 5)

3) added/changed passwords will automatically be saved in hashed form

4) code will still authenticate plain-text/encrypted passwords

5) if password column is encrypted then stored hashes will be encrypted (redundant but the easiest way to achieve backwards compatibility)

6) Added process "Hash Passwords" to convert all existing user passwords -- backup first!



Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

Functional team

  • Volunteers for analyzing:

Result of review by Mario Calderon, June 24th, 2013

  • Opened as SystemAdministrator the column AD_User
  • Checked definition of Field Password:length is 1024 as described in
  • From a functional point of view, the password works transparently
  • Interesting from a functional point of view is how to migrate to the new functionality. [adaxa: there is a process to convert all unhashed password to hashed]
  • Conclusion: the Technical Team has to decide if the contribution makes sense and is compatible

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

Acceptance criteria

QA and test cases

Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Technical team

  • Volunteers for analyzing:Cristina Ghita
  • Result of analysis: done. OK
    • Cristina Ghita 08:15, 5 July 2013 (UTC) Comparing against main branch, test feature and check backward compatibility

Review Notes

  • Checked and tested code: works nice
  • In general, I would prefer to use interfaces and not the implementations
  • Also, I would prefer to have constants defined and not use strings directly in code
  • we have a process, org.compiere.process.HashPasswords, which updates all existent passwords to use hash and salt
  • But I noticed, that the only password which is not hashed is the password for user System, which is excluded by purpose. Why is that?

System is not excluded on purpose, it is just that updates cannot be applied using PO to records with ID = 0. This is taken care of in the HashPasswords process, but special handling needs to be implemented when updating password from the UI as it saves direct via sql without calling the MUser object. --Phib 02:20, 9 July 2013 (UTC)

Data Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

noted that the password for ad_user=System did not hash .. probably because ID = 0 .. needs checking.

Closed Discussion Items