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A Mobile Phone User Interface for Adempiere

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The following may be of interest to other ADempiere enthusiasts so we have added it to the wiki as we were not sure where else to publish it. Wiki Administrators: If you feel that it is not appropriate for it to be in the wiki please feel free to move or delete as you see fit


Why a Mobile Application?

A number of Adaxa clients using Adempiere have suggested that it would be useful to be able to access the CRM and ERP information stored in ADempiere via an iPhone or an Android phone. It was felt that this capability would be particularly useful for sales persons who may wish to check some information when visiting a customer, or for a manager who wishes to closely monitor some aspect of the business whilst away from their desk. As a consequence of these requests Adaxa has developed an application that displays ADempiere information directly in a smartphone. We refer to this application as “ADempiere Mobile”. The application utilises a browser as the display mechanism to simplify supporting multiple smartphone platforms from a single body of code. The browser URL bar is typically hidden and the application is invoked from an icon on the phone's menu screens in the same manner as any other application. The code has been developed to utilise the same screen design elements as a native iPhone application. Users with an iPhone will be immediately comfortable with the layout and the screen elements. Due to the high quality of Apple's user interface designs, an Android phone-user will also be comfortable with the screen handling.


Adaxa wishes to acknowledge and thank the following parties for their assistance:

Jorg Janke, the creator of the original html UI for Compiere, which Adaxa has incorporated into the Adempiere Mobile UI.

Acquos Pty Ltd who commissioned Adaxa to create the mobile phone UI and requested that it be contributed back to the Adempiere community.

The team at who are supporting the IUI web framework for smartphones & high-end devices.

Further Information

A document containing more information about the phone ui is accessible here ..... How to access the code is detailed here .....

Current State of Development

Consistent with the open source mantra of 'release early, release often' we have put the code up with a couple of known bugs which we are working on. If anyone has any other fixes then please let us know.