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In use but would benefit from some extensions.

People have requested that it do some things that were outside the original scope.

for details, please see prior discussions here

Some of this content is reproduced below.


Adaxa Pty Ltd (Paul Bowden)


A browser-based UI designed for use on smart phones.

Based on the original compiere web interface using the IUI javascript library to give a iphone style interface suitable for use in webkit based browsers (tested on iphone and android).

Announcement and documentation to follow. Code is provided as attached patch until we get hg repository access sorted out.

Carlos then wrote:

I integrated it here:

This way, it can be easily transplanted to trunk if wanted.

I also set up in case community wants to help with tests.

Paul Then wrote:

Just an update for those looking for the code:

Adaxa code including mobile phone UI is available at:

There is also now a feature branch in the main adempiere repository

Paul later wrote:

Gathering bugs reported in forum thread:

from genied:

- the bottom bar with the Edit button is scrolling with the other page elements whereas in Chrome it stay fixed, (could be related to the OS version).

RESPONSE The bottom bar is a "position: fixed" element which some mobile browsers don't support. See Apparently it should work for iOS5 and above so we probably won't try to work around it.

- if insert a new invoice record after I choose the Business Partner the location box did not refresh (tested also in Chrome). I also tried to modify a BP and if I thick the customer checkbox the related fields are not displayed.

- The calendar show up in the uppermost left corner far from the field I tapped in (actually out of my view, I had to scroll up to see it).

- There is no Print button, to print the current record, nor Delete button

from scheeri:

In Sales Order window - Order Line tab I changed quantity from 1 to 71. Before change the Line net amount was 47500, equal with price. After change&save the Line net amount left 47500 instead of 3.372.500. I tried to refresh this line , but it shows 47500 again.

RESPONSE: callouts and dynamic display/validation are not supported (though the line net amount should have been recalculated when the save occurred?).

I was testing at and some reports is not runing, example: - Monthly Invoice (Invoice Inquire) - Storage detail (Material managment) Is this a bug..? Fercho.

RESPONSE: selection list parameters are not being handled correctly. Code patch to follow. I am testing this on my workstation and the search doesn't return any products when I am in physical inventory -> inventory count -- scottyf11 I tested MobileUI and found two bags(maybe): 1)Report created (pdf) but data aren't in this report - only title

RESPONSE: as for fercho?

2) MobileUI don't support Russian, Ukraine Language - main menu is error. --pshepetko we are testing , when navigate to Business Partner and go to Edit record, save record without anything change, after this action "all checkbox" get a True value automatically, e.g istaxexempt field. -- glapmigue RESPONSE: Will review ... a later post said Jorg's original work did not support these lanuages.



Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

Functional team

  • Volunteers for reviewing:
    • --John Agudelo 02:40, 14 August 2013 (UTC) - Functional Review
  • Result of review:
    • This contribution theoretically work on any device that has an internet connection and a browser online support javascript.
    • I've tried it on iOS (ipad, iphone), android (tablet, phone), and PCs with Chrome, Safari and Mozilla.
    • IMHO my suggestion is to include this feature as beta version and so allow other users in community test it and make something to enhance it.
  • General
    • Interface shows all items in menu like windows, process and reports
    • Doesn't display Workflow and Workflow Activities
    • Allow find, edit and insert some records
    • My recommendation is use in this moment this interface to find and edit some records and view some reports but no for create records like sales order or records with fields that use a callout.
    • If you need a system only for sales orders and payments with offline storage, you can use this contribution SFAndroid warning: it only works for devices with android.
  • Items to enhance/improve
    • It doesn't allow to create locations to business partner
    • Cannot select locations in window like Sales Order
    • In a language other than English (for example Spanish) buttons aren't translated

Technical team

  • Volunteers for reviewing:
  • Result of Review
    • java files
      • in a separate directory (when integrating, it has to be considered that some same files exist under severApps/..../www)
      • one file doesn't contain license
      • most classes have methods documented with javadoc, some not
      • code readable and well-formatted
      • class, method and variable nomenclature OK
      • serialVersionUID OK
      • New/modified files are,,,,
      • The other files are files already existing in Adempiere
    • javascript files
      • very technical: it manages the handling within the browser
      • almost no Adempiere programming
      • some files are taken from Adempiere
      • well-structured, commented in the header
    • css files
      • to structure documents
      • some files like window.css are taken from Adempiere
      • nothing wrong detected
    • Summary
      • concerning UI, development would be in a totally different way as hitherto with Eclipse
      • with all pros and cons of a multiplattform/multibrowser solution
      • don't know how it would be to reproduce whole functionalities from Adempiere

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

trying to add file from here

but not succeeding .. can anyone help?

Acceptance criteria

QA and test cases

Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Data Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items