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Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

Functional team

  • Volunteers for analyzing:

Result of review by Mario Calderon, June 17th, 2013

  • Victor Perez delivered some XML files for the Apparel vertical to test
  • I imported the XML into the Migration window
  • XML contents copied into Migration window. It is structured: Migration (or example: Manufacturing Scheduling), Step(for example: create a window)), Data(for example: fields of a window).
  • Executed the migration
  • Checked the results: it is possible to create windows, processes, tables, etc. with this tool
  • Seems easier than to work with 2Pack, because this tools enables to solve one single error
  • Independent of database
  • Haven't worked with Migration Scripts
  • Miss a description on how to create the XML file itself
  • Opinion: a very helpful tool to migrate data. It can become easily more popular than 2Pack.
  • Conclusion: accepted

Using the "Log migration script" option in Tools -> Preferences causes migration steps to be generated in the AD Migration window. There is a process to export migration to XML from the migration window (button may not be displayed/setup correctly?). Note that there are currently some directly executed sql statements that are not captured by the AD migration tool using "log migration", for example inserting records into the menu tree. --Phib 05:39, 17 July 2013 (UTC)

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

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QA and test cases

Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Technical team

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Data Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

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