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Report: Business Partner Detail

Description : Business Partner Detail Report

Help : The report list details of Business Partner, Addresses and Contacts for any active Business Partner with an Address and Contact

ReportView Name: RV_BPartner

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Name Description Help Technical Data
Name Alphanumeric identifier of the entity The name of an entity (record) is used as an default search option in addition to the search key. The name is up to 60 characters in length. Name


Contact Name Business Partner Contact Name ContactName


EMail Address Electronic Mail Address The Email Address is the Electronic Mail ID for this User and should be fully qualified (e.g. The Email Address is used to access the self service application functionality from the web. EMail


Sales Representative Sales Representative or Company Agent The Sales Representative indicates the Sales Rep for this Region. Any Sales Rep must be a valid internal user. SalesRep_ID


Business Partner Group Business Partner Group The Business Partner Group provides a method of defining defaults to be used for individual Business Partners. C_BP_Group_ID


Credit Status Business Partner Credit Status Credit Management is inactive if Credit Status is No Credit Check, Credit Stop or if the Credit Limit is 0.

If active, the status is set automatically set to Credit Hold, if the Total Open Balance (including Vendor activities) is higher then the Credit Limit. It is set to Credit Watch, if above 90% of the Credit Limit and Credit OK otherwise.