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Process: Generate PO from Project

Description : Generate PO from Project Line(s)

Help :

Class Name: org.compiere.process.ProjectGenPO

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Name Description Help Technical Data
Project Financial Project A Project allows you to track and control internal or external activities. C_Project_ID


Project Line Task or step in a project The Project Line indicates a unique project line. C_ProjectLine_ID


Consolidate to one Document Consolidate Lines into one Document ConsolidateDocument




This process generates Orders for the project lines selected


  • Parameter Project is mandatory
  • Parameter Project Line is optional, if left blank the process create the order for every line of the project
  • Parameter Consolidate Document is used to create only one order by BPartner


Get the project line(s), create a new order, create order line(s) for every project line selected. Then associate the project line with the order created/used.


  • Order and order lines created