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Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

Functional team

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Result of review by Mario Calderon, June 14th, 2013

  • MRP Browser for demand and supplies are actually two Smart Browsers.
  • The Smart Browsers differ in the views (RV_PP_MRP_Supply and RV_PP_MRP_Demand from the standard Libero implementation).
  • Parameters: fields of Manufacturing Order, like Document number, Business Partner, Warehouse, Date promised (as range), Project, etc.
  • Result of search are Manufacturing Orders, Purchase Orders, etc. from the Production Master plan for that match the filtering parameters.
  • Smart Browsers help analyzing better the Product Master Plan, enabling the user to filter and also to differentiate between entries in the Product Master Plan for supply and entries for demand.
  • Navigation into search results possible
  • Useful for Libero
  • Conclusion: accepted

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

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Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Technical team

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Data Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

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