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There is no such thing as Quick Start ERP. Getting involved with this application will take time. This guide is aimed at getting you up and running on the basic system so that you can start using and learning about the software. Once you have your system installed and set up, move on to Launching the ADempiere Application.

Try it On-Line

Idalica Inc. is hosting two fully functional installations of ADempiere based on an Oracle XE database, and PostgreSQL. These applications are built nightly from the latest code on the trunk and can be accessed live at Additionally, the latest ADempiere installation files are available for download.


ADempiere Virtual Appliance

Using virtualization technology, it is possible to create a separate virtual machine on your local machine or a server, install ADempiere and all its supporting software while still maintaining some separation from your other installed software. The ADempiere community has created a ADempiere Virtual Appliance (AVA) that can be installed in a virtual computer and used as if it was on a server. Installation instructions and other information can be found in the page titled ADempiere Virtual Appliance.

This is a great way to:

  • Play with ADempiere with a very easy installation
  • Test and recreate the whole installation
  • Creating a testing environment or sandbox for training
  • And much more

Windows Installer

There is a packaged installer which runs under MS Windows platform and will install everything you need:

  • Java JDK
  • Postgres Database
  • ADempiere
  • Import the database dump
  • Create the environment and home settings

Full instructions can be found on the page Windows Installer.

Note.gif Note:

The installer has been updated to the 360LTS with the latest scripts so it is brand new for 2011!

Adempiere Setup GUI Wizard

The Adempiere Setup GUI Wizard was an earlier effort at an installer. It is a bit outdated. Its listed here in case somebody wants to upgrade it.

Installing ADempiere Manually

The ADempiere application is built on a stack of supporting applications such as JAVA and databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL, etc...). If you are going to manually install the software, note that the installation process involves the following key steps which must be completed before you can log-in to the application:

If you need to manually install the software, refer to the detailed instructions for your operating system in the page Installing ADempiere Manually.

ADempiere Debian Installer

There is an automatic installer for Debian based systems - tested on Ubuntu. See the page ADempiere Debian Installer for details.

Setup and Configuration

After installing the software, you may need to setup and configure it to meet your specific needs. See the page InstallServer for details.

Adempiere Localizations

ADempiere-LVE Installation (Spanish)

Installation of Adempiere-LVE localization for Venezuela InstallAdempiereLVE