FT meeting minutes April 26th 2011

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  1. General
    • Moderator: Ramiro Vergara (kind of)
    • Participants: Mario Calderon, Victor Perez, Mike McKay, Ramiro Vergara, Enrique Ruibal
  2. Test Server Status
    • Victor reported immediate availavbility of test server
  3. Test focus
    • RC1 will be available on May 1st
    • Victor will put together a listing of bug fixes for testing to start on RC1 on May 1st
    • Ramiro to post schedule on the wiki
  4. Other Issues
    • Task force formed to evaluate new functionality placed into the trunk before new software development procedure was in place, task force members are Mario, Mike and Ramiro. They should evaluate and present proposal for action next meeting
    • Next meeting May 3rd