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Export will open a save dialog where you can save data as an XLS spreadsheet. The saved file will then be opened in the appropriate software.


Icon: Icon Export24.png
Menu: →Export }}{{#if: | → }}{{#if: | → }}
Short Cut: none


To enable exports, the user's role must have Can Export checked in the {{#if: |{{{2}}}|Role }} Window.


The Export function will export the data in the current window or report to a XLS file. When the button is clicked, a save dialog (java file chooser) will appear where you can select an existing file or name a new one. At the moment, only XLS file extensions are allowed. If you select a file with a different extension, the software will show an error. The export function will create or overwrite the file selected.

If you generate the export from a report, the file chooser will not appear. Instead, the software will create a file in the default temporary file directory with the name Report_(some random characters).xls. The default temporary-file directory is specified by the system property java.io.tmpdir. On UNIX systems the default value of this property is typically "/tmp" or "/var/tmp"; on Microsoft Windows systems it is typically "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP".

The XLS file will contain all data returned by the current query/report and all columns that have the "printed" flag set.

UTF 16 encoding is used.

For Developers

The software that controls this dialog is found in

  • base/src
    • org.adempiere.impexp.AbstractExcelExporter.java
  • client/src
    • org.compiere.apps.APanel.java
    • org.compiere.apps.AExport.java