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in production use.


Adaxa Pty Ltd (Paul Bowden)


The change is to allow one of more graphs/charts to be displayed in any ADempiere window.

The records which are included in the displayed data are able to be returned in the window by double-clicking on the relevant data element in the chart. (functionality provided by the library(. For example if you were looking at a chart of sales order information then clicking on an element called "Quotes" can open the sales order window and select the records making up the displayed value.



File:Window chart setup.pdf

Design Considerations





Functional Requirements

Functional team

  • Volunteers for analyzing:

Result of review by Mario Calderon, June 21st, 2013

  • Configuration done completely as SystemAdministrator (Application dictionary)
  • First, the Chart hast to be defined
    • Name
    • Chart type (bar,line, pie, ring, area, 3D, etc.)
    • Orientation (horizontal, vertical)
    • Label for Domain and Range (X and Y if orientation is vertical)
    • Height
  • Then, the data of the chart has to be defined
    • Table
    • SQL (select part)
    • SQL where
    • Key column
    • Value column
  • Configuring chart in window
    • Select table where you want to insert the chart
    • Create a new column
    • Reference: Chart
    • Field Chart: select the chart you defined before
    • Synchronize column
    • go to window tab, create Fields from table
  • Log in as GardenAdmin
    • Open window: chart is displayed, even with "normal" flieds
  • Example: Sales Rep Dashboard in CRM (
  • Summary
    • A very easy way of including data in any window
    • Any data which can be conveyed via SQL and enviroment variables can be displayed
    • Results are calculated on the fly
    • You have to play areound with chart types, orientation, SQLs, names of X and Y axis, values
  • Conclusion: a very helpful tool

User roles & profiles

Business process definition

User stories

Functional requirements based on business processes

User Interface Mockups

Please see attached pdf for screenshots and guide.

.... struggling to get a pdf to upload into here .. if someone can assist please let me know. thanks ssackett @


Acceptance criteria

QA and test cases

Development infrastructure

Technical Requirements

Technical team

  • Volunteers for analyzing:Cristina Ghita
  • Result of analysis:
    • Missing license text from classes MChart , MChartDatasource, VChart
    • Missing java docs from class MChart , MChartDatasource
    • code readable and well-formatted
    • covers swing and zk

Data Requirements

Non-Functional Requirements

Open Discussion Items

Closed Discussion Items